Imagine a world in which nothing is forced. Creation is seen as nothing more than natural development-nature at work.

Perhaps an evolutionary quirk born from a hectic five years of upheaval and change, this is evidently the new philosophy of Widowspeak.

New album All Yours is a settled, calming influence. The ten track collection meanders blissfully, delivering a grounded sense of inevitability. Tracks such as the beautifully composed Cosmically Aligned  reaffirm the notion that this is an album which is quite simply meant to be.

Title track All Yours epitomises an album which is as natural and unforced as they come. Relaxed vocals combined with the kind of layered acoustic guitar sounds that transport us to a distant place of comfort in which we can feel the early evening sun on our backs as we kick back in an almost slumber-like state.

The album is packed with optimistic transition, reflected by the catchy and uplifting Girls. Again, dreamy vocals and wonderfully twangy guitar sounds combine to create a somewhat nostalgic and reflective blend.

All Yours encapsulates the concept of “moving on” – it’s a reflection of the duo’s so-called escape to nature from a bustling Brooklyn. Often an album born from such an abundance of change tends to reflect rather scornfully-not this one.

All Yours is an optimistic look ahead- the start of a new chapter whilst being mindful of the lessons lingering in a non-too-distant past. It’s a very real glimpse into the very real world of Molly Hamilton and Rob Earl (who is unusually generous with the sharing of his voice), and as such is beautifully insightful.

Rather than the onset of something new, All Yours should be seen as a return to form for Widowspeak as they embark on an intensive Stateside tour programme.

Following on from 2013’s Almanac, All Yours, the new album from Widowspeak is avalable right now on Captured Tracks.