White Hinterland (a.k.a Casey Dienel) seems to have grown over time into her new skin. When an artist changes their direction musically it’s not always the smoothest transition. For Dienel it has been a dramatic change in style, but she hasn’t missed a beat and has truly embraced here new persona. “Baby” the lead track off her new album is a great example of this change. It has been released on Stereogum in anticipation of the album, which has the same name. The album is set to be released on the Dead Oceans label on April 1.

The track starts with an array of brooding vocals that haunt the senses. It develops into an eerie backdrop of electronic drums and menacing synths. Dienel showcases here range and unique ornamentation with a combination of cascading vocals that show that she isn’t afraid to experiment with her arrangement. It this track is anything to go on, this album  is looking like it could be a new dawn for electronic pop.