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Weak13 - Live And Die In Music

Weak 13


What measures can you apply to a man to determine his  integrity, his strength, his ‘weight’ in the world when compared to his peers and contemporaries.

Is it by the company he keeps or the possessions he surrounds himself him? Some put great stock in the number of goals and professional accomplishments accrued throughout one’s career, whilst others still hold great store in the number of people they have in their address and ‘phone books, so called ‘friends’ and acquaintances that in reality are nothing more than a collection of words listed in an alphabetized order.

Others feel the obstacles overcome lend some measure in the ledger, the greater the effort the better the man.

The flaw within every measure, of course, is they are limited to whatever bias of judgement – what level of worth, if you will – the individual doing the judging considers high enough in their own estimations.

So with actions speaking louder than words and the pen being mightier than sword may we present to you one of the loudest speaking and lyrically sharp bands in the UK, the Nick J. Townsend fronted Weak13.

Legion in voice and lauded in performance the bands current line-up of frontman and six-string-slinger Nick, drummer Neel Parmar and bassist Wesley Smith only became the definitive incarnation currently igniting the international music scene alight in 2009; a chance meeting between Nick and Neel, it began the pupation stage of what would ultimately culminate in the Midlands most popular export that is Weak 13.

With a history that began back in ’99 Weak13 has undergone a metamorphosis of    encumbents within the groups fold; though certainly the voice with which the band began leading crowds through choruses and calls for more, it was this same voice that would also call the attentions of people intimidated and even jealous by the bands electric set and confidence of controlling the chaos they caused.

Had the bands original singer not flown to Woodstock the day of the bands first rehearsal then maybe history wouldn’t have witnessed front-man Nickl being left in a state of near death when, after being followed home, he was almost murdered at the hands of two unseen attackers.

With his friends unwilling to be there during his time of need afterwards it was a time for a crisis of faith for Nick; music had given him everything from an in-demand band to a future in radio and journalism through his promoting of other bands. Yet it had also very nearly taken everything from him, his world now insular as he began building himself – and Weak 13 –  anew.

Now, several years and a refreshment of members hence, Weak 13 are putting the finishing touches to the bands debut album containing – fittingly – thirteen tracks taken from a double-albums worth of material and presented for our eager aural edification.

Entirely self-funded and produced by noted producer John Stewart the album represents not just a band finally emerging to take their rightful place within the publics playlist but also quells the thirst from their fans demanding a studio release, EP’s and singles not enough to satisfy their wont.

As a taster for the upcoming 2014 release we present the music video JOKE to help whet your appetite in preparation;



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