Produced by Lewis Gardiner (of the much-talked about Glasgow band Prides), ‘This Love’ is a massive slice of POP (yes, capitals all the way down) music with the band in trademarked heart-on-sleeve, anthemic loveliness and with a keyboard line so catchy that it’d put the Australian cricket team to shame…OK, feel free to think of your own analogy… one thing’s for sure anyway, these boys certainly don’t do pop by halves.Vigo Thieves will release the video for the new single this week on their Facebook page : . A homage (of sorts) to Nicolas Winding Refn’s  ‘Drive’, it’s gritty, no holds barred and may just leave you with a heck of a wee lump in your throat :

“We thought it would suit the song and it does. It’s a big powerful anthem but has a darker side, just like the video. We’re showing that dark side of love. Ultimately, the anti-hero is out to save his girl. That’s what counts. I think our fans will understand we’re a grown-up band, a rock band. There’s an edge there, so hopefully people won’t be offended by the video and understand what we’re trying to convey”.
Stevie Jukes

“I was listening to a lot of Roy Orbison and Bruce Springsteen, their songwriting definitely influenced ‘This Love’. The song is about having clarity in your life and how that only comes through a love of something and how you can’t do anything important in your life if you don’t have some sort of love for what you are doing.”

Stevie Jukes – Vigo Thieves