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Tycho - Awake Album Review - Live And Die In Music



With Old Man Winter packing up the back of the Sedan with his E-Z-Freeze Six Thousand, wedging it between the spare tyre and pile of cotton socks in an attempt to Tetris the contents of the boot to the sounds of the Mr T Sat-Nav ‘Pitying da fool dat don’t turn left’  and cursing the day he agreed to let Jack Frost ride shotgun, we welcome Mr Sun and his collection of eclectic head-gear to a fanfare of hip-hip-hip-horray’s and the eight track endearments of Tycho’s latest album release Awake.

Originally a one-man solo project of Scott Hansen his second slice of sonic sweetness presents us with a fully realised incarnation of a band, accompanied on musical montage by Zac Brown on guitars and bass and Rory O’Connor behind the skins, rewarding the listener with eight tracks of tastefully presented mood setting montages of emotional moments in music.

As the album opener and title track Awake gently welcomes you into a verdant plain awash with the warmth of a freshly breaking dawn, fields of endless warmth brushing against your skin as the rhythm gently cajoles you along the path of melody and rhythm and vaguely J-Pop beats.
Treading softly on through leads us into Montana, the second of the eight tracks on offer. Here we see the reflections of notes jumping on the surface of the lake to our right, an enchanting showcase of synth-described visions reminisce of the Pet Shop Boys exuberance of emotion through simplicity of sound and ensnarement with echoes of melody infectious.
The somberly and simply titled ‘L’ dances on the heads of pins and needles alike, a delicate beginning opening up to catch the rays of the rhythm as it reaches for the skies above in an unfolding of finest fancy and scerene scenery.

Dye follows the flourishing of growth with a tempered beat, a slow approach, and a long view to seeing everything in a broad view and appreciating same. It fondles the ears into supplication of submission, See encouraging the beat into a path more focussed on a destination.
Which is labelled Apogee, and waiting to invite our senses into the richness of depth afforded to those wishing to stay awhile in its incongruous enclave. Teasing the ears with a beat that enthusis between tempo and pacing to begin with, the track falls into a sedate driving of rhythm that never feels rushed as it brings you to the penultimate number, Spectre.
Having delivered so much in the preceding tracks Spectre lends us a chance to reflect upon the sights already witnessed from the comfort of a lazy glade; considered through the surface of our rear-view mirror it’s a moment to consider the creations of colour and compendium of character-full tracks we have experienced along the way.
Ethereal-like and waifsome in execution as it slips through your grasp, there’s a sense of it being just on the edge of feeling truly satisfying that demands attention be paid lest the magic is missed.

Which sets us up perfectly for the conclusion of our journey through sound with Plains, the swansong of the album. Melancholic in mood it fulfills with a sense of all being well with the world, a Zen-like whispering of souls at rest that calms you on your walk towards the horizon and into a sunset of supplicant submission beneath the warm rays of Tycho’s musical Morpheus.

5 out of 5

‘Awake’ is set for release on March 17th through Ghostly International

Official Site.