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This Is Chela - Live And Die In Music

Chela aka Chelsea Wheatley is an Australian artist from Rockingham, Perth. Rockingham is a city in Western Australia south-west of the Perth City Centre and south of Fremantle.


From an early age Chelsea Wheatley showed a willingness to explore her creativity within music partaking in rap breakdowns and high school punk bands. It wasn’t till 2012 that a chord struck. Collaboration with Ben Eley led to releasing Chela’s first single “Plastic Gun”.

The video to “Plastic Gun” is set in a woodland area later moving on to a large field and then to a beach. Presumably these locations are in Fremantle where Chela produced “Plastic Gun” and/or in Rockingham “My abode, our jungle town.

The outfits selected are like something out of a fantasy novel. “Plastic Gun” is filled in mystery and intrigue. If you listen to the song in full, really listen, you can tell it’s about someone who is disheartened by everyday working life. “Don’t wake me” and “We exercise our imaginations” says it all. She will “Like a child”, “scour the streets for playgrounds”. An adult revisiting her childhood and reentering her imagination. “Plastic Gun” is a powerful showcase of creativity and an imaginative introduction to an artist who can provide her own style and influence to the music industry.

News travelled fast about the new songstress. Chela was invited to feature in Goldroom‘s “Fifteen”. Clubfeet had her feature in “Heartbreak”. With the success of her first single “Plastic Gun” Chela now had the confidence to release two more singles “Full Moon” and “Guts”. If you were impressed by “Plastic Gun” then you were utterly fascinated with “Full Moon” and “Guts”. We found out that Chela does not only have distinguishable vocals and a captivating writing ability but she can also dance. Boy can she dance.

“Full Moon” allows us to appreciate the raw talent that is Chela. Chelsea Wheatley has been compared to electro-pop, dance, indie and electronica. A surge of joyous delight courses through our veins upon watching the music video. To listen alone is powerful enough but to actually watch Chela express herself through song and dance combined, now that is really something to make your heart stop. Chela is not only a singer, she is a performer. It’s difficult to decipher what “Guts” is about. Please tell me if you figure it out. However, the vocals and synth are simply extraordinary.

Moving on to “Romanticise”, Chela signed up with the French record label Kitsune. Kitsune even offered a limited opportunity to remix “Romanticise”. The closing date ended on November 4th 2013. Further details can be found here: video-remix-contest. The song is another outstanding hit single by Chela written and produced with the help of her friend DCUP. “Romanticise” has an upbeat tempo with an 80’s feel to it. A catchy collaboration of beats and vocals, “Romanticise” is quite addictive to listen to. It’s also a great summer tune jam packed with a colour and dance moves to match as part of the video.

“Zero” is the follow up single to “Romanticise” and Chela’s latest work. “Zero” the EP was released on March 10th of 2014. It includes five remixes from Sable, Clancy, Knuckle G, Nick Lynar and Keljet. Just as you think you’ve heard your favourite song by Chela there’s another one out which is equally matched in skill and creativity. To date, Chela has released six singles and two EP’s. With an album somewhere around the corner there are high hopes for this Australian born star.

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