With debut release Static Skies proving Birmingham singer/songwriter as a credible force to be reckoned with on the unsigned scene Luke Round is back, bigger than ever as frontman in Birmingham band Thieves and bristling with the same brilliance that layered itself amongst the tracks of SS yet even more sumptuous and mature with brand new band and single The Long Road.

As a fan there’s so much to look forward to hearing; in what feels like an evolutionary step Luke’s sound hasn’t just grown in scope but stature as well, the confidence in his ability as a craftsman extending further into the music, his place in the Thieves as perfect a fit as a jigsaw piece, the seemingly effortless melding of musicians creating an atmosphere of incredible scope and awareness.

Again we find the untainted vocals delivering an honest equivalence of emotion in the bard’s voice, no ‘Americanism’s on the verbiage nor auto-tune needed and be-damned the man that would consider to taint otherwise such emotional integrity with falsehood and flannel.

Think Placebo but more talented, Manic Street Preachers minus the self-effacing aftertaste, or even U2 where the band focus on the overall song rather than how far back the vocalist can lean and you’re someway to being ready for the eructation’s of excellence awaiting your ears from this stunning new single.

A soundscape of melancholic reflection The Long Road is the song to put on when honest introspection is required, a moments pause to consider an over-view of past events in a time of quiet consideration in surroundings of security and comfort, where the heart can be laid bare for examination without fear of discrimination; the contemplative persons song, as it were.

The band draws you to in like the fabled Samaritan of good intentions, and have created exactly what a single should be; a chance to showcase the embarrassment of talent commanded in the song writing without ever feeling like a single individual is displaying their arrogance, or demanding anything more of the listener than to lay back, relax, and let Luke and his brigand of Thieves escort you down The Long Road and blissfully away.


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