Energy, tempo, bad language and raw scuzz – all the ingredients necessary for a pure and proper punk LP – and No Place Else has it in bucket loads!

The Brainstems en fuse a seemingly carefree attitude with a deeply artistic flip-side. The Saint Louis quartet, with roots in a local radio station where they bonded and formed a cover band, took a leap of faith to pursue a path all of their own. The result is a thirteen track LP packed with an energy both distinct and impulsive.

Opening track Stallioning is lyrically bad to the bone, heightened by a vocal delivery which is gloriously geeky and fits like a glove – perhaps Missouri’s answer to Graham Coxon (only grittier, hairier and more likely to bite).

No Place Else starts strong and gets stronger, growing on you irresistibly. Now that the above ingredients are well and truly blended, throw in a measure of parody and a dash of sarcasm – hey presto! Now you have an LP which poses the question “why aren’t there more bands like this?”

The sound is rather vintage, conjuring images of an intimate underground gig. Whatever the reason for this, it’s to be hoped future offerings serve up the same feeling – it’s a warm sound, genuine and above all authentic.

Tracks like The Fourth and Simple Joys are a mix of lead guitar brilliance and the grounding of steady rhythm.

Dotted throughout you’ll hear the buzz of amplifiers, a stroke of genius left in to bridge the gap between listener and band, heightening an atmosphere – this is grass roots and could be something of a resurfacing of a genre which will always be underground at heart – but boy, is that heart beating!

No Place Else is available now on Bad Diet.