Founded in 2007 in Toronto, Teenanger are a four piece punk rock/alternative band. EPLP is the latest release from the band consisting of eight tracks. The band formed jamming in the basement of a west Toronto hair salon. A fight with the owner led to fallings out and the band almost ended before their career really took off. Thankfully, it didn’t end there. Teenanger built up a reputation for themselves based on live shows and DIY releases. Their debut was released in 2010 entitled Give Me Pink. EPLP is a pure rock and roll album in the classical sense, edgy riffs, snarling riffs and catchy hooks.

The record opens with the track Fly On The Wall. The track is heavy with a swirling guitar riff, grungy bass and clever lyrics – “you’re just a fly on the wall/eavesdrop”. The chorus is followed by chants. The track moves along nicely as a solid opening to the album. The second track Sky Saxon is a raucous punk affair, the lyrics are tough and snarky. The chorus are delivered in a way that makes me think of Darby Crash. There’s a snarl that mentions Michael Jackson that is comedic and highly enjoyable. It’s a solid punk track. Forgive me if I found the lyrics indecipherable, perhaps a better ear could hear them but that’s my fault, not the band’s- “Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson/Michael Jackson”.

Twisted is another jangling riff lead track that’s danceable and melodic. The male/female vocals add an interesting dynamic to the song. Mild Survival is one of my favourite tracks off the album. The song is opened with a drum beat followed by a grunge style swirling riff. The vocals are nonchalant and the hook is catchy. The songs retro alternative feel reminds me of The Pixies which is not an insult in any stretch. Think About It and The Sequel is another punchy track. Negative Zeros is another track where I think I even hear some synths. The hook and lyrics are again infectious. The album closes with Hot Rods At The Loser Convention, another track laden with grimy riffs and a catchy hook. The song moves along in grungey fashion. EPLP is an album that delivers eight strong punk/alternative tracks with catchy hooks, clever lyrics and the kind of dirty riffs that should be compulsory on any album that advertises a dirty, gritty underground appeal.

Teenanger are vocalist Chris Swimings, bassist Melissa Bell, drummer Steve Sidoli and guitarist Jon Schouten. EPLP is an album definitely worth giving a listen to this year.

EPLP was released on September 9th off Telephone Explosion Records.