Providing the self-indulgent decadence of a thousand Roman get-togethers (*Hem-hem!*) egged on by an infectious beating of drums perfect for sending bodies ‘cross the floor and off the walls and into a glorious seething mass of mosh-pit magnificence the Sunken Monkeys are the Nero of legend giving it plenty as the fires before them rage on.

Three previous releases have led the foursome from mere home-town heroes to oversee-ers of apoplexy, and with their upcoming October release Party Scars it seems a mighty thick wedge labeled ‘Bench-Mark’ has been laid down for the next generation to attempt to attain.

This Town’s Too Big and That’s What She Said feel more raw and rock than a sharpened stick of Blackpool’s finest, a welcoming of intent and deporting that spits with the precise aim of a genre that defies cliches of old without compromising the feral bombacity.


Too Old For This Shit (Riggs) is like Red-Bull for the bodies in the pit, a punch of punk as precise as it is pointed that hangs around long enough for the first bruise to become a badge of honor, defiant upon its egress as More Beer Than Blood carries on with the infamous cause celebre of chaos.

A pause in the proceedings with ‘Til Death Do Us Party brings us into the middle of the storm, Sunken Monkeys welcoming the listener to their side in the eye of the maelstrom and inviting them to understand how such visceral sounds are created from deeply felt emotions. Raw and pure with lone guitar and vocals it’s to the SM’s strengths such parity was afforded a spot on the Party Scars album, exposing the depth of the band and their integrity as musicians.

Sunken Monkey Party-Scars-Cover

With thirteen tracks and an army of emotion packed into each Scars will indeed be left after this Party has ended and the balloons have all gone limp; deep, indelible ones right across your playlist that read Sunken Monkeys.
4/5 Safety Pins In The Ear