The Slingshot Festival is a new event that has been announced which combines music, art and technology. It is taking place in Athens, Georgia from March 19th to the 22nd. It looks to follow a growing number of festivals which showcase a selection of performances across these disciplines. The three day event promises a line-up packed full of variety with a mixture of local, national and international artists. The organizers describe the festival as “A hybrid festival which allows the audience to engage with music, art and technology as a continuum across pop, alternative and experimental genres”.

On the music side of things we can look forward to seeing a wide range of artists with a mix of DJ sets, electronic, world, experimental and everything in between. There is bound to be something for all tastes at the festival. Some notable acts include West African group Tinariwen, Washed Out whose is performing a DJ set and local psychedelic rock group Circulatory System. The festival will also showcase artwork from renowned electronic experimentalist Tristan Perich. Georgia ensemble The Sonic Generator will be performing Perich’s 1-bit symphony at the event also. 

The three day event caters for the growing number of festivals which showcase a synthesis of the arts and technology, firmly bringing the festival experience into the 21st century.

For more information about the festival line-up check out  the website.