“To be Young” is the first single off Two Wounded Birds self titled debut album, to be released on the 5th of August. The song is definitely a stand out track for the band and really seems them jumping in to the music business head on. The band from Margate Kent, are very reminiscent of bands that have caused a buzz in the british music scene over the last few years, such as The Drums and The Vaccines. But this band offer something different. Their music is undoubtedly upbeat but the lyrics are melancholic and quintessentially british in their delivery but the chorus soars above the music. It is as perfect as a slice of surf brit-pop can get and while simple in arrangement will have the music critics paying attention.

The accompanying video complements the song perfectly, combining a live performance with some classic cartoon footage adding to the vintage, old-school vibes of the band. They are about to set off on a U.K tour in October on the back of the album and with infectious, pop punk like this, they should do very well indeed.