Blood Red Shoes new single “In Time To Voices” is out today via V2/Co-operative music. The single is a welcome return to form for the band whose last album “Fire like this” was released in 2010.

The song itself begins quite eerily, with just Laura- May’s distinctive vocals and guitar. The song builds up in steps throughout teasing the listener as to when that big, distinctive, shouty Blood Red Shoes chorus will kick in. There is a real sense of urgency and anticipation throughout the song and sees the band return on triumphant form. The band stick in a noisy drums and guitar solo in the middle but apart from this it sticks to much the same formula that saw there last album “Fire like this” become such a success.

All around it’s a fantastic song with a surreal video that sees pint-size vocalist Laura-May arm wrestle body building champion Craig Lee who meets an unfortunate end when taking on the singer. It’s loud, moody, energetic and effortlessly cool, everything a comeback single should be!