‘Subsequently Lost’ by Polly Scattergood is “electo-pop perfection” (MOJO)

I personally agree, it is a sound that i have not heard in a few years and there is definitely a need for it.  The laid back electric sound truly epitomises the electro-pop genre. It is not a sound that is going to make you get up and shout of the top of your lungs, but perfect for all other situations, relexaed enough to drive too but i could imagine me “busting” some shapes to this tune in a club somewhere in the cool parts of town.

Arrows features Polly Scattergood’s signature blend of storytelling and soul-searching, but also looks outwards and heavenwards, spinning an enchanting web of sonic playfulness while stretching for new skylines. Awarded Album of the Year on Chimeo and Love Is Pop, Polly describes it as “…my ‘arrow’ — pointing me in the right direction after I was lost for a while. This feels like where I want to be as an artist.

This is the latest offering from her album ‘Arrows’ which is out now.

Give it a listen, you wont regret it!