Keith Morris  is the frontman of thus punk supergroup OFF! you might of also heard his name involed in Back Flag. But he is not the only member of this band, it also features an impressive line up consiting of Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Mario Rubalcaba (Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt/Earthless), and Steven McDonald (Redd Kross).

On April 8 their new record Wasted Years will be  out and has a pretty impressive album cover done by Raymond Pettibon, who also did some work for Black Flag and Sonic Youth. The 16 tracks on Wasted Years were tracked live to tape at OFF’s practice space, recorded as they were written. According to a press release, the record has a “thematic darkness” to it (not a single bit of hope in that tracklist, below).

Wasted Years:

01 Void You Out
02 Red White and Black
03 Legion of Evil
04 No Easy Escape
05 Over Our Heads
06 Hypnotized
07 It Didn’t Matter to Me
08 Exorcised
09 Death Trip on the Party Train
10 I Won’t Be a Casualty
11 All I Can Grab
12 Time’s Not On Your Side
13 Meet Your God
14 Mr. Useless
15 You Must Be Damned
16 Wasted Years

I took a listen to their new track Void You Out which is a short burst of punk anger at the American system which pulls its anger from misleading historical revisionism, as Morris tells Rolling Stone. “Who was here first? A bunch of uptight, always-right Caucasians with their heads buried up each other’s asses, trying to tell the rest of us how North American history went down and is going to be changed because of their intelligence or lack thereof. Thus: ‘Void You Out!'”

If your a fan of their previous work or that of Black Flag, then this album will definitely float your boat! check out the bands offical website for more information.