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Netsky | Greatest Gigs - Live And Die In Music

As an avid music fan, I’ve seen many of the greats live. Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters and Iron Maiden to name a few. However, the best live act I’ve ever seen was unquestionably drum and bass DJ, Netsky.

Attending the Netsky gig was actually a favour for a close friend of mine, Vinnie. He had two tickets and was supposed to be going with his sister, but she fell ill the night before the gig. While unfortunate for her, she unwittingly provided me with the best live performance I’ve ever seen.

Before the gig, I’d never even heard of Netsky. In fact, the first time I listened to Netsky was about 12 hours before the gig. I actually normally listen to mostly classic rock and grunge music, and Netsky was my introduction to drum and bass. A brilliant introduction as well, I must add.

I listened to about 10 songs repeatedly on Youtube to quickly educate myself. I enjoyed the songs, but was mostly looking forward to spending some time with my friend. Admittedly I wasn’t actually very excited about the gig itself.

The evening started out badly, with Vinnie and I running around Leeds looking for the venue. We arrived over an hour late, missing the support act and being so far back we could barely see the stage.

However, the atmosphere in the venue was upbeat, friendly and contagious. Within 10 minutes of arriving we had already forgot the troubles of arriving there and we were happily drinking our much needed pints and talking to the other fans.

The atmosphere just before Netsky took the stage was almost tense because the crowd was so restless. It was extremely contagious, and although I barely knew the artist I was almost as excited to see him take the stage as I had been for Iron Maiden. The fans were so excited to see him I couldn’t help but to get carried away with the mood.

He walked onto the stage, a dark haired pale man who looked very young. Throughout the gig he didn’t say a word, and simply let his music do the talking. He didn’t require a stage presence; his talent was more than enough to get the whole crowd dancing.

Honestly, the whole gig is now blurred into 2 hours of dancing, laughing and enjoying the music. However, I’ll never forget his performance of one of his most famous songs, Puppy. The crowd had been raucous for most of the gig, with a playful atmosphere. However, as Puppy started, a silence fell over the crowd and nearly everyone stopped dancing to enjoy the song. It was completely magical and I’ve never experienced such a sense of wonder at a gig before, and I doubt I will again. I believe I will remember those three minutes for the rest of my life.

I danced for hours and didn’t buy a drink after my first, because I didn’t want to waste a minute of the gig. The music was alternatively fast, slow, heavy and upbeat. I didn’t expect such a range of music from a drum and bass DJ, which perhaps shows how close minded I was before the gig. So thank you, Netsky, for opening my mind up musically and providing me with truly the best night of my life.

I left feeling euphoric. It takes a truly talented artist to completely change someones music taste… and Netsky did this within 10 minutes of performing. I now love drum and bass and will be seeing Netsky again this year. I can’t wait!