On a new label, with a new drive My Sad Captains’ new single Goodbye finds them settling into their sound.

The band was formed by Ed Wallis (vocals, guitar), Nick Goss (guitar, sonics), Jim Wallis (drums, keyboards, vocals) and Dan Davis (bass), and decided to name their collection of muscisians after a poem by the late Thom Gunn. This, their third album, is taking the band in an entirely new direction:  “In a way, the album is about saying goodbye,” explains lead vocalist Ed Wallis, “making a resolution to keep on believing in ourselves, as people and a band, and being comfortable in our ability to stand our ground on stage with who we are, and not trying to figure out some quick schemes towards brief rewards.”

Check out their new single for yourself above.It will be interesting to see if previous fans of My Sad Captains are happy about this cultural shift in their music.