The day has arrived and all the prayers were answered that the heat wave continued until the day of the concert. The day one of the biggest bands of the decade were playing in the President’s back garden, Phoenix Park.

Ben Howard supported the band, and it was a great beginning to what will be one of the best gigs I have ever been at! As Howard belted out some of his folk numbers, the crowd began to fill, just in time for his fan’s favourites ‘Only Love’, and ‘Keep Your Head Up’.

Fresh off their slot form Glastonbury, Mumford & Sons took to the stage at the top of their game. Opening with their new single ‘Babel’ had the crowd loosening up. They followed with ‘Little Lion Man’ and this tune has the entire crowd and the nearby radius of the venue all on their feet screaming from the top of their lungs, the park was brought to life.

As the show progressed people were really getting into the swing of things, come the 11th or 12th song I noticed people starting to drift out of the park. These people are quite smart as it was the biggest nightmare trying to get a taxi out of there after, and I literally thought we had walked the length of the country by time a taxi pulled up.

After a short break and choruses roars from the crowd requesting “ONE MORE TUNE”, they returned for a three-song encore, so I am pretty sure the people who drifted away early, were absolutely kicking themselves when they heard what was played in the encore. The first song was ‘Lover’s Eyes’ followed by the stadium anthem that is ‘The Cave’. So the fans that left early probably missed the best tracks of the night. However when the music started for the final song it didn’t matter how far gone the fans had gotten, because by the roar of the crowd I am positive the music could have been heard in the hills of Donegal.

For the finale, Mumford & Sons invited their supporting acts on stage to share the final song with them that would touch every soul in the crowd. Steve Earl’s ‘Galway Girl’ As the radiant red sun set over Phoenix park that night, every single one of the 40,000 people in attendance hung onto every lyric of that song wishing it would never end!..