Miniature Tigers are growing in stature, previously under the radar, this four piece made up of Charlie Brand (vocals), Rick Schaier (keyboards), Algernon Quashie (guitar) and Brandon Lee (bass) earned a support slot on tour  with FuN following  the success of their last album Mia Pharoah. Their latest offering, Cruel Runnings should no doubt catapult the foursome straight towards the mainstream and into the limelight. It’s an album choc full of high tempo, upbeat tunes, a throwback , if you will, to the synth heavy days of the early 80’s- no bad thing in my view.

Things kick off with first single “Swimming Pool Blues”, a catchy and melodic tune, with Lee’s bass-line grooves along with sparkling keyboards fitting in well with the sharp and witty vocals of Brand, something that is constant throughout the album. This sits well alongside new single “We used to be the s**t”, a slower number depicting the ups and downs of being in a relationship. The tempo quickly picks up again with “Oblivious”, an instantly infectious synth laden song that stays in the head a long while after listening to it. I quite enjoyed the lyric, ” I know you wanta quiet house with a lemon tree,  I’m sorry baby you’re stuck with me”. ” Better Apart”, is another lovely tune, with gorgeous harmonies and a very hummable chorus.

Clocking in at around the 30 minute mark this is a retro and fun album from a band with eyes on bigger things. This reviewer would highly recommend giving this album a few spins, you won’t be disappointed!