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Mick James Is Dead - Album Review
Mick James Is Dead

Mick James Is Dead

From the groovy graveyard of necromantic noise comes Mick James Is Dead, a cavalcade of an ecclesiastical enraging album from the charging corpse of eclectic cavalcade made flesh, the notably ignoble-to-the-norm noise-maker extraordinaire himself Mr Mick James.

Soundtrack to the film bearing the same engraved name MJID also comes with a thickness of listing that extends to a terrifyingly fantastic fifteen tracks, feeling more a magnum opus than just the artistic endeavors of a musical magician.

Hearing the completeness constrained behind the digital portal of the ‘pod as I Don’t Fight Fair oozes through the ear-‘oles is a bewitching enticement, consuming the Happy Gland and infecting the very spirit within with an unquenchable hunger for more flesh from the bones of the album.

911/Guess What You’re Dead pulls the bodies from the shadows and onto the floor en masse with a haunting atmosphere that sacrifices nothing in sound save for a paucity of notes, enriching a voice of invocation that denotes we shall all be idolaters at the alter of Mick James.

Die Motherfucker, Die! is the lightening bolt to the brain on the album, sending currents of energy through the synapses and scorching the senses with a drawling beat that, though laconic in feel, is languorous in its long-stride tempo, the road to oblivion one forever to be marched upon with the intent of ‘having a word’ with whoever waits at the end. It’s a monster of unstoppable tread, enlisting your services and proffering a palette of plenty to become engorged upon as you consume its gratuity of grave-ly glorious sound.

Had Enough?/I’d Rather Be Dead is a snide, sinister slight to the sensibles and their sensitivities, an uncompromising acknowledgement of where Mick James stands in this – and any other – world, defying you to question his tone or query his integrity t a cost you yourself will be made to pay.

Powerful, consumptive, and beautifully damned to boot MJID is more a summoning to rise from the slumber of a restless sleep beset by the banality of cookie-cutter clone-alikes currently bearing the mast as encumbants of the charts, Piss On My Grave and Crash snake charmers sonnets than songs, My Life Before Me and Reality Check/I Can’t Get No Rest In Peace carving deep wounds of emotional brevity that reveal the inspirational juices flowing in the veins and swirling ‘round the think-box of uber-musician Mick James.

Usually a musicians magnum opus comes as the final piece of work they produce, their next step on the path of life one into the grave and the great beyond thereafter.

Having already wedged one heavy-print boot into the door beyond the grave Mick James Is Dead is the soundtrack of a thousand souls rising against the grain, turning towards the darkness in the musicians eyes, and drowning themselves willingly in the void of unequivocal completeness hidden behind them with an unshakable shattering of force.

If we were to consider Mick James to be the George Romero of music, Mick James Is Dead is the album to prove it.

Super-naturally superb.





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