Left For Red - All Things Known And Buried

Left For Red – All Things Known And Buried

Having cut deep scars of satisfaction into the Happy Glands of audiences across the length and breadth of every medium of communication possible – from enthusiastic demands for air-play of their previous EP Mercy Flight to the intensity of adoration purveyed by baying live audiences demanding more, more, MORE!!! – LFR have built themselves a reputation as solid as a pre-nup with Donald Trump as the ONLY band worth testing the guarantee of your Beats with.
Charged with the responsibility of delivering a full length album that not only lives up to their reputation but also the expectations of their fans LFR certainly haven’t jumped head-first into things – indeed, ATKAB has been some four years in the making, since the bands inception all those moons ago.
As the old adage goes; If a thing’s worth having it’s worth waiting for’, and by gum was this album well worth the wait.

Confidence oozes from every groove laden hook, rock laced riff, and bass battering beat across every single track, no fillers to be found nor scorn to be poured upon as each of the ten tracks screams ‘me first!’ from the listing.

Masters Of The Game sets perfect scenes of sense shattering mosh-pit promises, the urge to move impossible to resist as you gladly dive in for a thick slice of LC Decoy vocals commanding the hind-brain to get its ass in gear.

Shatter -ing the between song silence with an intro full of intent Utopia is the track to get the neighbors banging on the wall, echoes of Iron Maiden massiveness on the chorus encouraging all to the call and the bodies to the floor.

But it’s in songs like Echoes Of A Stranger and Shatter that LFR earn their claim to future fame, the band unafraid to expand upon what was expected to be heard and delivering a diversity as brave as they are brilliant, the former an exploration through the miasma of musical minutiae, the latter a bass-led swagger of almost-too-tempting titillation of toe trampling triumph, the only suitable accompaniment surely a sea of people stomping feet and nodding heads in unified genuflection.

And with one of the most emotionally charged piano compositions ever ascribed to a group of their genre with track Dystopia Rising the deal is sealed on why All Things Known And Buried deserves your attentions; confident in their sound and unafraid of their creations ATKAB is to the music scene today what Kill ‘Em All was for it way back when. It is an album of strength and power, untapped potential brimming on the edge of unmatched performance that promises more from the music then you feel you have any right to deserve – humbling, is the word.

With more balls than the first round of a marble championship taking place in aid of Gonad Giganticism at a Wacky Warehouse All Things Known And Buried by Midlands Metal-Masters Left For Red is the album fans, followers, and a flagging industry have been waiting for.





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