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Of Kings And Captains Interview


As the first few seconds of their recent release Takes All Night the Stourbridge foursome known humbly as Of Kings And Captains manage to both reveal and underline themselves as a band worthy of the honor bestowed upon them by the mighty BBC as One’s To Watch.

With vocals that encourage…nay, compel the audience to sing right along in unquestioning accompaniment the group have struck the literal mother-load of many a musician, combining addictive melodies and passionate playing with such a charismatic performance as to see them open before a packed house in support of none other than Bon Jovi themselves.

Being dubbed the ‘…UK‟s answer to Fall Out Boy. ” (Meghan Player – Push To Fire) doesn’t really come close to the sounds and strains of a band genuinely evolving the genre from within the borders they inhabit, expanding beyond the current crop of positively perfunctory comparisons and birthing an entirely new mantle of aural attainment for those following behind.

Having recently took the stage before the assembled throngs in support of Wheatus at the River Rooms LADIM hit pause on its iPod and packed a bagful of thumbs, hitched up our heels and thumbs to the passing cars and grabbed its chance to slap a handful of Q’s beneath the band’s collective nose, demanding some A’s from the ‘Captains collective; to talk turkey and jive jolly, speak ‘singles’ and sound and sonic inspirations, as well as a word about the weirdly wonderful wallaby…


Of Kings And Captains

Of Kings And Captains


LADIM: To those dubbed the magnificent Of Kings And Captains we say ‘Ahoy’! Please introduce yourselves..?

Answer:  Hey, We are Of King And Captains from Stourbridge in the BlackCountry, we being …


Luke Wassell – lead Vocals and guitar

Kieran Lock – on Drums and percusiion

Joshua Lomas – Lead guitar

Dean Greatbatch – Bass guitar.


LADIM: Your latest single Takes All Night has been receiving effuse acclaim, receiving airplay across the world and coming with an accompanying video that’s somewhat – shall we say – ‘intriguing’..?

Answer: We recently released our latest single “Takes All Night” (iTunes and Amazon) This song is based around a not so typical attempt to “get the girl” with the girl playing hard to get. We decided to put a twist on the whole scenario which is the theme in its accompanying video.

The video follows an adventure of a young man through an alternative reality after he is pulled into his non assuming TV. We spent a long time trying to get the balance right with our Director Andrew Rutter. We wanted to keep it fun and lighthearted; we don’t take our selves too seriously.

We don’twrite music for the studio, we write in a very traditional way, basically the 4 of us meet for a rehearsal and work out a song. Our songs are very much created for the live performance. Then we look at ways to get that energy across on record. We normally record with Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios; Gavin is really good at getting the best out of us as a band.

“Takes All Night” is all about a journey, so in keeping with this theme we organized a release party with a difference. In partnership with Enville Ales we organized a beer bus to visit lots of local music venues and along the way we performed an acoustic set in between stops ending at Katie Fitzgeralds, the venue where we started our journey as a band.



LADIM: The summer of 2013 saw the band taking the UK stages by storm in support of Bon Jovi on their UK “Because We Can” tour; how did such a coveted invite come about..?

OKAC: That was a truly awesome experience; we had such a great time on tour and the crew couldn’t have been better. However we did have a run in with an angry catering lady at the Manchester Etihad after we forgot to return our plates at dinner… We brought her flowers as an apology and she got so flustered when we gave them her.

We got the opportunity through a competition hosted by Absolute radio, all of our fans and followers worked so hard to get us the opportunity and we can’t thank them enough.

It’s been a while since we did the tour but we continue to receive more and more support.


LADIM: Being a Midlands band already puts OKAC ahead of the game, its rich musical history earning ears before music is heard, almost; do you feel this creativity is properly nurtured by the local scene compared to other towns where you’ve gigged…?

OKAC: We do, although live music venues are in decline, our home town of Stourbridge offered us a fantastic first step on to the scene and really helped us gain a following locally. We have to give credit to Katie Fitzgeralds, an Irish bar situated in the town. We made real friends there and it was great to return after the Bon Jovi tour to find the place sold out.

The local scene is great and there are so many genres emerging/ re-emerging from Birmingham at the moment it’s great. Further afield we really have a great following in Scotland, we played a sold out show at King Tuts some time back and would really like to head back there soon. The response was fantastic.

You can keep up to date with all our goings on via our social media sites, we post up all our gig listings videos, pictures… everything in fact.


LADIM: Your recent BBC endorsement as being ‘One’s To Watch’ is a mantle the band seem able to live up to and even surpass, with your November 15th gig in support of EofE at the Birmingham Institute a chance to blow the roof off your home-town..?

OKAC: We’re really looking forward to playing that show, it’s going to be an awesome night! We have been working on some new material and hope to have some of it ready for the show. Tickets are available from the institute website here… we hear its selling out fast.

We then have our Christmas special at Moochers in Stourbridge5th December. We do a Christmas show every year and they’re always great fun and very busy, we are currently working on some festive treats and freebee drink promotions more will be revealed closer to the date.

Tickets are available here!


LADIM: Penultimate question time!


If Heffer was a cow and Spunky was a dog, what was Rocko?
OKAC: A wallaby…


LADIM: Now it’s time to sell your soul for rock n’ roll in a spot of good ole fashioned self-promotion!

OKAC: Our latest Single Takes All Night is available from iTunes and Amazon!

And the video is available to watch on our official YouTube page.

You can keep up to date with all our goings on via our social media sites (below), we post up all our gig listings videos, pictures… everything in fact.

We also have merch available and often have free give away from our social media sites, so head on over and see what’s going on.



Takes All Night is available from iTunes and Amazon.

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