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Interview | The Stone Frets

Boston brings more than a reputation hard won from history’s grasp and a pride well deserved in its self-confidence; it brings a glamour imbued into its people as being unable to be pigeon holed into the same lazy xenophobic categories that calls all Irish drunks, all English posh, and all French cowards.

Such self-affirming attitude saw an innocuous jam between Tony Dibiase, Dave Goldfarb, Alex Le and former tub-thumper Chris Cucinotto become Boston’s very own seminal four-piece Bomb Pilot.

Bringing a suave arrogance to the live circuit saw Bomb Pilot grab attentions and ears quickly; revealing a mind-set of one that delivered straight out rock to the crowds BP weren’t slow in finding their audience, demand growing with each whisper of a new band in town detailing no-nonsense sounds and swaggering style, electric live shows and lyrics to be learned to join in the musical melee.

The circuit became synonymous with Bomb Pilot’s tread across their many stages, and all seemed golden until 2013 when Chris parted ways with the band. Damned to be another band on the close-but-no-cigar page salvation in the groups security came in the form of one Matt Salvo , beat-bothering drum distresser and keeper of the finest time.


Reinvigorated and refreshed with a new voice to the choir Bomb Pilot took the decision to leave the legacy the bands name had earned to the incarnation history had awarded it to, stepping back onto the scene and stages as The Stone Frets.


Bold, brave, and beyond anyone’s expectations the Boston boys found their audience had followed them through their transistion, bringing their loyalty and fervour and friends to the ‘Frets in droves. With lyrics that embody the true lineage of rock’s greatest voices and guitar riffs so singularly unique as to be instantly recognisable as those wrung from the neck by guitarist Goldfarb, attitude that insinuates itself into your senses courtesy of the bass with a beat that controls your body from the instant that first drum is hit, this is music as it is meant to be.


With their home state of Massachusetts daubed broad with The Stone Frets tread the band have been seen dominating venues throughout Massachusetts, such as The Hard Rock Boston, The Middle East, Davis Square Theatre. And with the release of their self-produced debut album Let It Rise looking set to stamp the bands tread across the download charts too LADIM zipped up our boots and stuck out our thumb, a cardboard sign crying ‘Boston!’ in our hand and set off to seek The Stone Frets out and ask them some history behind the group, some insight into the sound, and more…


The Stone Frets

#1. LADIM: We’re ready to have our world ‘rocked’, so please; tell us who The Stone Frets are.?

Answer:  The Stone Frets are Tony Dibiase lead vocalist/lyricist of twelve years, Dave Goldfarb-lead guitarist, Matt Salvo-drummer/percussionist/back-up vocalist, and Alex Le-bassist/backup vocalist

The Stone Frets originally comprised only of Dave, Tony, and Alex who were old high school friends that met up to play music one weekend, and formed Bomb Pilot. After two years, Matt who was a college friend of Alex was asked to join the line-up. With a new member, and a new attitude, the band name was changed from Bomb Pilot to The Stone Frets; a hard rock band ready to make a name in the rock n roll industry.


#2. LADIM: It’s been some time since there was a genuine rock band to get excited about, your debut album Let It Rise coming at just the right time..?

Answer: We’re extremely excited about the album, it’s a huge collaboration between each member and their own musical background. We have written a plethora of songs and a lot of them were experiments and tests to figure out who we are. This album is a culmination of our experiences and growth as musicians, and songwriters throughout the years. Let It Rise has a power-driven hard rock feel, which will keep the listener on the edge of their seat.


#3. LADIM: Rather than rely on an outside ear to produce the album you’ve kept all duties in-house..?

Answer: One of our biggest achievements is being able to get what we wanted recording wise without any interference or influence from a producer or anyone outside of the song writing process. This helped us create a pure album that came directly from the band itself with the expertise of our guitarist/engineer Dave. What we really wanted to create was a raw rock album with both intense and fun themes that provides the listeners a dynamic experience. We have songs about drinking and partying, love and loss, politics, deception, among many other themes. The album can be found on iTunes, Band-Camp, Reverb-Nation, and via our merch-tables at shows.

The Stone Frets - Let It Rise

#4. LADIM: Appearances at some extremely high profile venues and demand wherever you play; with such a full invite list in the upcoming months how did the band find time to record the album?

Answer: The major benefit to in-house recording was that we could do all the recording and engineering on our own time. Having many years of working together, Dave knew exactly what the band wanted for a sound and was able to mix music independently whenever members were not available for a session. That allowed us to find time to practice, as well as play shows while the album was being worked on. With our experiences playing live, in places such as the Hard Rock Café Boston, Utica Music Festival, and Keene Music Festival, we have received plenty of feedback who has shaped us into who we are today. Most peer reviews that we have received are full of energy and enthusiasm in regards to our live performances. Many listeners have compared us to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wolfmother, Led Zeppelin, and many bands similar. The general consensus is that we have a classic rock feel with a modern twist, which is something that we pride ourselves on.


#5. LADIM: Describe a typical show for The Stone Frets to us; what about them do you think makes them more electrifying than other gigs by other bands?

Answer: Right off the bat, we try to open sets with a high energy song, that’ll will hit fans hard and gather their attention quickly. We take a lot of time putting together the set list so that we can keep peoples’ attention without being too predictable. Each band member has their own stage presence and onstage antics that sets us apart from other bands and their live performances.


#6. LADIM: Penultimate question time; finish the following sentence…

It’s not just rock n’ roll..?

Answer: It’s not just rock n’ roll, it’s everything Stone Frets!


#7: LADIM: And finally, it’s shameless self-promotions time! Where can our audience go to hear more from the Stone Frets..?

Answer: Our links are:



Band Camp