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Siren Call interview

As spoken of in tales by sailors past when returning fresh from a long voyage, the hauntingly hypnotic call of the mermaid would entice and enrapture sea-farers to song; draw them to where they sat singing, and inevitably draw the unwary of sailor to his final destination, albeit one shrouded in a bliss-like state of euphoria.

Embodying the self-same drive of emotional tenacities through melody and song the aptly titled Austrian band Siren Call are the musical ‘Mer-‘s luring people to their side and binding them in tightly delivered alternative grunge-rock, tinged with the melodic pop feel of indulgence.

Consisting of Bulgarian-born Yvonne Lace on vocals and bass, American Jason de Cordoba on guitar and backing vocals, and Hungarian Gabor Szabo behind the drums this pan-continental trio have circumnavigated the seas dividing them from one another to create the (sound)waves currently breaking across the prows of musical immersion.

Traversing the seven seas to seek their futures horizon the trio quickly set about navigating the band from its home in Vienna to a port of the America’s, world famous and industry infamous The Whiskey A-Go-Go club seeing Siren Call captivate the audience with riffs that won’t quit, incredible guitar solo’s, and vocals so haunting and passionate as to be undenied in your attentions, fully and whole.
As noted in a recommendation letter from the Whisky A-Go-Go’s booking agent:

“Siren Call is an incredibly gifted band.They embody the soul and feel of legendary predecessors, but it’s also very unique. They put on one hell of a performance, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

No small praise indeed, and when 2013 rolled around and their single Comfort Zone was released the band found themselves back in demand by the bar, an invitation to step once more beneath the lights and before the crowd during their Summer Tour of the West Coast seeing Siren Call adding the venue to their other appearances in Malibu, Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Oakland and Hollywood.

Reputation and fanbase growing, Siren Call also took the crown and number one spot in the Rock Category of the Intel Superstars Contest out of five hundred other bands with their song Just A Man.

The storm of interest surrounding the band continued to build throughout 2013, audiences becoming fans as Siren Call took themselves across Europe and through Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Bulgaria in a whirlwind of shows that bought more ears and attentions under the bands spell.

And when the world of television saw Siren Call being interviewed and performing on ratings hit late night show Denis and Friends it presented the band to a world waiting to hear their Call.

With a bag full of oranges to ward off scurvy and our milk and newspapers cancelled LADIM fired up the trusty compass app on its Tablet and set sail across the uncertain seas that budget priced travel is nowadays to listen to Siren Call and ask them a few things about the band and its members, how they’re finding the spot-lights glare…





#1. LADIM: Tag, hello, and welcome; who are Siren Call..?


Jason: Thank you Robert for the interview, we are thrilled to be here virtually with you! It seems that Yvonne and myself were the first ones to answer the Siren Call, seeing where this band was headed Gabor immediately came to my mind and clearly there is a bit of music coming out of this chemistry.  I first met Yvonne when she jumped on a stage I had just performed on and she started to sing Sublime songs as if she was Gwen Stefani.  I was completely blown away.  Gabor I have been in other bands with, and his talent and creativity I felt was a perfect match for the project Yvonne and Myself had started.


Yvonne: It’s amazing how Siren Call came together, the three of us being from different countries (I’m Bulgarian, Jason is American, Gabor is Hungarian). Oh yeah, and we all happen to live in Vienna, Austria! I guess it makes for a unique story. Ever since I can remember I have been dreaming of someone answering my “siren call”: the wish to start a band, which makes beautiful poetic rock music. It was always in the back of my mind until it became my reality.


#2. LADIM: Most bands aim to get in such a position as to be able to play The Whisky A-Go-Go but Siren Call not only got the chance but also an invite as well…

Jason: Timing is everything, and so is being prepared for chances.  We got booked right when the financial crisis was really taking it’s toll and there simply were not a lot of bands to compete with at that particular moment.  I feel they had the opportunity to review the submitted material and really appreciate the band.  What is important is to meet with people and be the real people behind the music.  We put everything we had in supporting that first show.  Some people get what we are doing, we truly value those friendships.  Making music is about reaching people, certainly people working in the industry are all apart of that.  I was in Los Angeles about three months earlier trying to shop the concept of Siren Call, I’d like to think I made some interest so when Yvonne and myself showed up in Los Angeles in November all of a sudden we got booked at some of the most prestigious clubs on the Strip.  That was important because I had to show to our band that Hollywood is a real place with real people in a real music scene.  This was doable, it still is.


Yvonne: Playing at the legendary “Whisky a go go” was truly a dream come true for me. I am the biggest “Doors” fan and knowing Jim Morrison stood on the same stage I was standing was a deeply emotional experience. Being given this opportunity so early on in our music career (we had been playing gigs for just two months prior) solidified we are on the right track and that it’s meant to be. And it’s an honor to be part of rock’n’roll history!


#3. LADIM: What was the inspiration behind your incredible single Comfort Zone?

Yvonne: Comfort Zone is a very special song for me, because it combines a personal experience with an overall view of society. It’s about the disappointment that comes when courage, desire and truth are replaced by fear, passiveness and a false sense of “comfort”.   On the personal side it tells the story of love being shattered by the fear of fighting for that love when circumstances become complicated and uncomfortable. The song then grew into an general observation of today’s youth: I saw a lot of young people living life on autopilot, uninspired and passionless. I saw people being satisfied with being part of the crowd, existing without asking any questions, just fitting in. You know, like the line in the song: “Fake is the new real.”


Jason: Every day I am truly amazed by Yvonne’s ideas, she is a true poet and the songs acquire new meanings over time.  We all hold each other in high esteem and what comes out of that surpasses individually what we expected for our selves, putting that together joining forces really takes things to a new level.  On Comfort Zone we collaborated with Harold Taylor (also like Gabor was in a former band of mine) the collaboration creates unique musical moments.  We really try to make each song special when we take them into the studio.


#4. LADIM: Appearances on television and at prestigious venues, as well as winning awards such as the Intel Superstar Contest…surely it’s no co-incidence the band is named Siren Call..?


Jason: I believe we were the first to answer the Call, and through dedication and following that vibe it became for me a band that I believe should exist, performing music just the way we perform it.  I was born and raised in Los Angeles, and am now very grateful to live in Europe, music is a special thing, being close to the fabled lands of the Ancient Mythology has had an impact of making them real for me.  Yvonne being from one of the fabled exotic lands written about in the Myth of Jason and the Argonauts, in which the crew narrowly escaped those very same Sirens. While for me Gabor is similar to one of the Heroes of the Argonauts, indeed a very specialized and talented musician and personality.  He is the Animal and he is very much a tribute to the Wild spirit the people in Hungary are known for.  This band is quite new and fresh and so far we definitely have had some wonderful people impact our direction.  A big thank you to Mark Mazzetti without whom we would probably have had never really taken our first shows at the Whisky and Roxy so seriously!  I am an Alumni of Musicians Institute and I very much must credit the guidance I have had from Dan Kimpel, Bobby Borg, Chris Fletcher, Robert Nathan and Kenny Kerner.  It has been a very inspiring process so far.


Yvonne: Adding to Jason’s list, I’d like to say how thankful I am I got to perform on the late night show “Denis and Friends” on national Bulgarian TV. It’s very special to have a warm welcome in your home country. A big thanks to everyone who made that happen and especially my family, that have always believed in me and continue to support me unconditionally. My little sister is Siren Call’s biggest fan and I’m excited to see where her many talents will take her!

As for the name Siren Call, I’ve always been mesmerized by the power of music and the sea and “siren call”, as a combination of both, seemed like the natural fit for our band. It’s a powerful name.



#5. LADIM: After such a prosperous and busy 2013 what does the schedule look like for Siren Call in 2014 ..?


Jason: At the moment we are going to record more of our songs as well as finally getting some new videos kicked out the door as well.


Yvonne: Siren Call is looking forward to an exciting year of new songs, videos and concerts. We are expanding our fan base and I’m overwhelmed by all the love and appreciation we get from our fans. I’m excited to see what the future brings.


#6. LADIM: And finally, finish this sentence;


No matter how far you go..?


Jason: …remember where you came from.


Yvonne: …don’t forget to take a breath and enjoy the moment.


#7. Shameless self-promotions time! What are your social and media links for our audience to keep hearing your ‘Call’ online?


Band Links:

Buy and Download “Comfort Zone” here on iTunes http://bit.ly/1jytNZA

Siren Call Official Website: http://www.sirencallofficial.com/

Siren Call Mobile App http://www.reverbnation.com/sirencallofficial/app

Fan us on Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/sirencall…

Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sirencallrock

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirencallband

Subscribe to us on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/SirenCallOfficial

Follow us on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/sirencall

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