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LADIM’s Lucky 7 With Pillar Point - Live And Die In Music


Following on from Live And Die In Music’s erudite incisiveness courtesy of wonderful wordsmith Ashleigh Conway and the LADIM review of Pillar Point’s self-titled debut release it seemed audience curiosity was piqued.

Hearing the call for more and slapping on our best Billy Idol impression we answered said call with a resounding roar, pointed the good ship LADIM Bay Area-wards, and Yo-Ho-Ho’d our way up to the front door of Mr Pillar Point himself  to talk the how’s, the who’s and even haiku’s…


LADIM: Hi there; if you would like to begin things by introducing yourself…

PP:  Hi there, I’m Scott Reitherman,  a songwriter living in Seattle.  I am working under the name Pillar Point and releasing this project’s self-titled album on February 25th via Polyvinyl Records.  The record was produced by Charlie Smith and we recorded and mixed it in Seattle over the past couple years.


LADIM: Though infectious and compelling you to move the albums tracks are surprisingly dark, emotive, heavy with wisdom yet creating an almost innocent fragility within the message of the song..?

PP: I’m glad that the idea of innocence registers.  Within the framework of electronic music I needed to make some personal statements.  It is my hope people will connect with the tunes on this record and proceed to connecting with the lyrics as well.

LADIM: Bravely for an artist the album explores quite complicated themes; from understanding how to deal with the reality of becoming aware of your place in the world and the emotional growth in entails, to the quixotic fragility of what we term normal on tracks such as Eyeballs, attention drawn to the contradictory notion of the all-inclusive nature of social sites drawing people into isolation?

PP: Yea there are a few songs on this album that deal with the strange feelings a life spent on the internet can leave you with, and that alienation is something I have wrestled with at times.  When you’re feeling down, I find the internet is often the worst place to spend time.  Yet our habits so often steer us there.


LADIM: You say this album is the most intimate project you have ever embarked upon; what drove you to make this leap into the unknown as it were..?

PP:  I prefer records that work their way into my heart after many listens, the albums that are growers.  And I believe that’s the most organic and true way to reveal something about yourself when you write a record.


LADIM: The internet and connected world has helped bring more attention to artists and musicians, with underground or even unknown artists being able to establish themselves without the help of a major label behind them…

PP:  If I may reply via haiku…


The World’s Web is vast

What is it made of? Air? Dreams?

We log on, blinking.


LADIM: Does Pillar Park mark the end of your involvement with indie-pop outfit Throw Me the Statue, or can we expect to see you handling both with a masterly ease?

PP:  TMTS is on the shelf for now, for now I doing Pillar Point and it’s all I can focus on at the moment.  But I continue to write different types of songs and so who knows what kind of record I’ll feel compelled to make in the future — be it TMTS or some other new project.


LADIM: As we bring the interview to a close there’s always something the interviewee wishes the interviewer had asked, so we’d like you’d to take this moment to partake of a little self-indulgence and tell us; what does Pillar Point want the world to know?


Released through Poly Vinyl Records on February 25th get your copy of Pillar Point here.