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LADIM's Lucky 7 with Fake Obsession - Live And Die In Music

Fake Obsession

Originality is a much sought yet seldom acquired property in todays music world; cookie cutter solo artists and bands with all the street cred and legitamcy amongst their peers as anyone adorning the latest garb high street fashion stores inform them is the current scene.


But for those looking hard enough and with an ear cocked to the sunny shores of Shropshire they may well find themselves a small seclusion of musicians holding court amongst their contemporaries; embodying an originality that speaks nothing of Pri-mani fashion victims attempting to emulate whichever Kardashian has been hitting the headlines, nor which band-name emblazoned ‘T’ was closest to the register when they went shopping that afternoon.

Individually they are musicians and together they are artists, known collectively as Fake Obsession.

A fiercesome foursome of fantastic furore and the future for us appreciators of aural excellence, LADIM loaded up the wagon and hit the road, hoping to beLucky in learning more about the brains behind the band, the creation within the composition, and why mice are no match for turtles…

Fake Obsession

#1: All the way to Shropshire we say welcome to Live And Die In Music, if you would care to introduce yourselves..?

Hey! We’re Fake Obsession, a 4 piece Female fronted straight up rock group. We are made up of Dan Guyton (lead guitar), Nay Barwick (lead vocals), Ste Womersley (drums) and John Austin (bass).


#2: With an intinerary of tour dates that have included the Cavern Club, the 02 Academy in Birmingham and the Manchester Academy to name but a few; does this say more for the demand of the band or your desire to escape Telford..?

Fake Obsession was formed back in 2004 by myself (Dan Guyton) back when I was at school. It was a bit of fun, and was an opportunity for 4 friends to share the same musical interests in one place. Between 06/09 the band had split but I continued to write music and was determined to find some more committed members. I am now the only original member of the group and over the last few years have gone through many different line ups. It’s only really  since 2013 that I started to discover the sound of Fake Obsession and the direction I wanted to take the band. Nay (lead vocalist) joined the band in 2009 -I found them in the local pub singing on the Karaoke – and Steve our drummer joined shortly after – I found Steve on an online music forum. Over the last 2 years we must have gone through about 8 different bass players and since then found John Austin who’s been with us now for almost a year. It’s not about escaping Telford as we have fans here but more about building a local fan base who will follow us to such venues.


#3: In the past record companies have directed the audiences attentions to a female fronted band via the front-woman herself, almost becoming the embodiment of the band to the detriment of the other members..?

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a difficult industry to succeed in and I have always said that success is being kicked down 9 times and getting back up 10. We have never used our front lady to sell records, we’ve always been an honest straight up rock band and whats annoying these days is that the scene has kind of turned into a fashion show. Tell me…… when you hear a band/song for the first time on the radio and you like it do you really care what they look like? We’re just four people who love writing and playing music together and are determined to push it as far as we can and play as many gigs possible. With regards to the direction of songwriting etc, we have never said that we need a set sound on all of our records we have changed it up and experimented and if we like it we play it. It’s as simple as that.

Fake Obsession 1

#4: Having already toured the length and breadth of Ol’ Blighty how do you perceive the current live music scene..?

This really depends on where you gig; we have been fortunate enough to play some of the UK’s top venues to sold out crowds of over 2,500, and have probably played some of the worst! It’s never good playing to a hand full of people but if you gain just 1 or 2 fans from it then it was worth it! It’s all about word of mouth. Gigging local venues has its plus sides because you can create hype in the area and gain a small following who will come to watch when you play outside of the area – What I’m saying is, that there’s good and bad gigs but you should always try and take the positives from them


#5: Where does the band conjure up the sheer weight of emotion running throughout their songs?

I write the music/lyrics and take the ideas to band practice where we all then develop the songs, I tend to write about what’s on my mind at that given time or past experiences, its a form of release i suppose. I take all the things that are on my mind and put them into song. There is no rules/guidelines to writing a song; sometimes I’ll write the chords then the vocal melody and sometimes the other way round, and other times ill have words that I just don’t know what to do with. Some of our best songs have been an amalgamation of 2 or three other songs that I didn’t like to make one good one. There’s no set method just whatever works at that moment in time.


#6: Penultimate question time! As I’m sure you’re aware the upcoming re-boot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has thrown up more hyperbole and angry fan rants than an unwanted LaBeouf in a Temple Of Doom

From stories of space aliens to complete re-writing of the canon, all sorts of headline grabbing nonsense has taken it from the desk of Michael Bay to the cinema screen via public outcry and four script re-writes.

Millions of hours worth of video has been uploaded to the internet to discuss a less than two and a half minute trailer for the sake of thinking every opinion is valid and worth forcing someone else to wade through endless vlogs of speculation based half-informed ignorants.

But  why did no-one care that much for The Biker Mice From Mars?

You can’t beat the original Turtles!! And Biker Mice From Mars was awesome! But Some things just need to be left as they are, reinventions of such programs can sometimes be a disaster!


#7: Shameless self-promotions time! Where can our readers go to learn more about Fake Obsession?

Best place to go is our website, this contains every bit of information about us including links to social media pages and our music etc its www.fakeobsession.co.uk

Catch FAKE OBSSESION live on the 7th June at the Birmingham O2 Academy 3




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Track Produced By Dan Lancaster
Video Production – Video Ink