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Interview with Slasher


Take all the passion of a world on the brink of collapse, add the pressure of a universe two seconds from implosion, and multiply the emotion of a heart being torn into a thousand pieces, and what you get is the nucleus of power fueling the warship sized sound of sonic assault from Brazil saying Slasher on the flank of its prow.


Describing their magnitude of music as Thrash Metal the band deliver an aggressive armoury of aural elaboration, lyrics holding no quarter as they detail the savageries of life and refusal to bend at the knees to conventional acceptance of political events and religious ideology.

Releasing their first EP in 2008 Broken Faith announced Slasher to Brazil with a roar of adrenalin, the rush felt as a wave across the genre and earning the band coverage in the county’s most respected and ‘pulse-tapping’ publications Roadie Crew magazine.


Earning critical acclaim through their release and audience demand through performing across the country bought them to the attentions of the Industry, the band approached by representatives of Sony Music, EMI Music, Maquinária and SWU to carry the torch for the entire rock/metal genre by being sole representatives on the compilation release Melody Box – Fora da caixa vol.1.

With one foot firmly on the throat of the music world Slasher became one of Brasil’s most visited metal websites Top 5 Bands from Sao Paulo, Whiplash.net’s judgement as ever ahead of the curve as it was right on the money.


Pray For The Dead turned 2011 into the year Slasher’s debut album release took them from their home town of Itapira and the exclusivity of Brazil into the attentions and onto the radars of a waiting worldwide stage .


Knowing how to order a Double-Jack n’ Coke in German won’t get you very far South of the Border, it’s true; but with a Fistful Of Dollars and a Ticket To Ride and Google Translate opened in a new tab we headed on out and off to the home of Slasher in Brazil to talk metal, music, and ‘…more ice, please…’


LADIM: Salutations and hello and if you would like to introduce yourselves?

Skeeter: We are from SLASHER, an aggressive, elaborated and modern Brazilian Thrash Metal band. Our Lyrics are harsh criticisms to society, religion, politics and psychological conflicts.


LADIM: Your debut release showed Brazilian metal new levels of powerful energy and pointed aggression with erudition; did you intend to be the band to create such a forceful change..?

Lucas:I believe that the level of independent productions in this segment, especially in Brasil, have grown absurdly over the last decade and, since the very beginning, we aimed to do a serious and professional work, always expressing ourselves directly and aggressively on subjects afflicting our reality. This concern to create something solid, both in lyrical concept and musical composition, certainly raises the level of our efforts and to know that all this dedication have been noticed and absorbed is really grateful to us.


LADIM: How have you carried this through on your latest album?

Skeeter:We’ve worked really hard on the compositions for this new album. It was almost an year composing and trying to connect all the concepts from the graphic art to the lyrics and the subject matter KATHARSIS. The listeners can expect a more aggressive and intense album, powerful riffs and strong lyrics that will drive you to an inner reflection trip calling you to analyze world’s threat and your role into it all.

Lucas:For this album, we worked on every aspect of the project with much more care and time, always worrying about the concept of the lyrics and how to connect them to the central thematic, KATHARSIS. This topic is very interesting and allowed us to approach the subject from different prisms, always pushing the listeners to an inner reflection.


LADIM: From the media to the industry, it seems the band are making more than just music judging by the waves of attention its received.

Skeeter: There is a hard work process behind scenes. We have weekly meetings with the band members and our managers to discuss the future of the groupand what is the best way to promote our work. Our guitarist Lucas Aldi has a marketing agency and he has a great view and understanding about the Brazilian underground scene, what help us a lot to find the best channels to promote. However there is still a long road to ride and for an independent band it’s always a bit harder.This year we are gonna focus in schedule dates and play the most we can ‘cause that’s our real passion.

Katharsis Album

LADIM: What can we look forward to hearing on your latest album release KATHARSIS..?

Skeeter: Katharsis is a pretty intense and aggressive album and it is my debut as the new vocalist of the band. Each track brings different aspects into the metal genre not forgetting the Slasher’s ID, what makes ease and interesting to listening to the whole disc. We have already some dates to be closed and we will release it soon in our website and facebook fan page.We intend to explore Katharsis into as many places as we can and there is a great possibility of tour abroad that we gonna disclose once we have it all set up.

Lucas:This is a very dynamic album that was built in a natural way. We were not afraid to try new ideas and this made the whole album an interesting and amazing experience. The tracks share one single constant: unbridled aggression. Define the sonority of this album is a difficult task. Basically, it is a contemporary Metal with no pretensions to look like anything, it is just the kind of sound that you hear and you feel like punching a wall or whatever is standing in front of you!


LADIM: And finally; what does Slasher want the world (and our audience) to think of when they hear the bands name?

Skeeter: We are a modern Thrash Metal band from Brasil. Our proposal is to bring strong and intense music and share our perception of reality, what surround us, our role here and call the listeners to be part of it.

Lucas: Become a common name among lovers of Heavy Metal around the globe is certainly our biggest goal. We expect this to be a natural consequence of our persistence and intense work. We do what we like and we will keep on struggling to take our sound to as many people as possible with the strength and support of fans!


LADIM: Shameless self-promotion time! What are the bands links and such for proper social intercourse with our audience?

Slasher: All links below;

Official Website