Embodying the free-style emotive explosion of creation musicians and artistes across all genres embrace of the Offenda Clothing is a liberating, lauded online lair for the free-thinkers and free-from-fashion-traps wishing to indulge and express their inner-most thoughts and desires, passions and pains: To be able to speak freely to others of a similar vein their ideas and opinions in a frank and open exchange of views-on-the-world.
Like a mirror to the person beneath the cloth the opinions and statements borne on the chests of the many proud Offenda aficionado’s are a truth undenied, an emotion felt, a drive to stand out and show their individuality without arrogance or assumptions.
Knowing when one ‘assume’s an ‘ass’ is made of both ‘u’ and ‘me’ we sat down and spoke with Offenda clothing to see what makes these weavers of the wearable tick..

#1. LADIM: Before we get into things proper, who are the Harlot and the Lord..?
Answer: We are two creative characters who live and breathe artistically as one and love each other beyond an obsessional degree. We are Offenda.
#2. LADIM: Your range of expressive T’s are certainly geared towards the individual – mass-produced or ‘Primarny’ styled multiple runs don’t seem to be too high on the company’s agenda..?
Answer: The opportunities are rare for those wishing to be, say, and do what they want, without fear of misunderstanding or miscommunication and being incorrectly branded then judged fiercely for it.
And so it’s not all that surprising that with an option to do so with anonymity, all but everyone would jump at the platforms providing such a chance.
But this breeds a society of faceless opinions, as people are enabled to express their truths from behind masks.
The conforming face is simply a creation formed of lies, so as to be accepted, your mask is actually your everyday face, and your alter ego the true you.
Offenda dares the wearers to be true to themselves there is no need for distortion of self.
This conception came from our own encounter of self expression. We were working opposing shifts, so that in reality our bed was the only space we occupied together, and only for the briefest amounts of time, either sleeping together or crashing out. We began leaving messages on each other’s skin, while they slept, both loving and otherwise. Literally becoming the canvas upon which, as artists, we shared ourselves completely.
We were taken and freed by this process of open honest dialogue. We now share this process with the birth of Offenda.

#3. LADIM: Aimed towards the adult market with powerful slogans and – some might say – contentious tag-lines, have you experienced any backlash from those who don’t quite get it?
Answer: We are enabling our customer base the true opportunity to wear a tee that is genuinely a one off. We make them our selves; every application through the printing process provides slight deviations like a fingerprint. We wouldn’t want to flood the streets with these designs, nor through our production would it even be possible to do so. These tees are artworks in their own right.
As for backlash, it’s too easy to be offended; it takes a certain level of intelligence to understand and to quite simply get it.
This puts us in the fortunate position of not having to worry about those who exclaim to be offended.
To be honest, everyday we expect some turbulence, yet it’s refreshing to know that people love Offenda.

#4. LADIM: Do you feel having an online store as opposed to a bricks-and-mortar frontage allows you more scope with expansion of the brand and company?
Answer: It makes no sense to us currently to have a store when the landscape of consumerism is changing so rapidly and dramatically. During the mass exodus from high street to online a young company needs to remain dynamic, we want to be flexible and adaptable and by using our time as productively as possible. By creating our online existence, not only is it an extension of our creativity, it allows us to be hands on in all areas of the business, from production to posting. Offenda is at our fingertips at all times.

#5. LADIM: The closest name one can think of that comes close to being comparable to Offenda and its custom clothing is famed punk pioneer Vivian Westwood..?
Answer: We are each other’s inspiration.
Our concept was born through a particularly obsessive yet volatile stage in our relationship, it grew naturally and was fluid in it’s progression, it’s only really now that we can appreciate that there may be slight nods to other creative endeavours. So consumed by our concept are we, that although we are not immune to outside influence, we do not directly draw from it. The progression from concept to realisation has been compulsive, due to the nature of our interaction. We are our brand.
Mass media’s celebration of conventional attitudes and societies intolerance to individuality has diminished some artist’s confidence, hindering them from placing a stamp on their environment.

#6. LADIM: Penultimate question time! After a successful campaign Offenda clothing has stamped its authority across the globe and is starting to make a dent in the world of celebrity; specifically, one of the Kardashians was spotted wearing an Offenda T, and her people have got in touch regarding an endorsement deal with yourselves the star.
Before you’ve even had chance to digest this fact one of the most well-known supermarkets have jogged on up to your door and presented you with a contract to bring out a licenced version of your range, with a toned down execution in the stead of the ‘your T, your words’ approach Offenda is known for.
Obviously, both options have their positive and negative sides – a celebrity endorsement is almost guaranteed to place Offenda squarely on the map and in the hands of an incredibly huge consumer base, but is also only to be in the spotlight for as long as the celebrities star shines. Being available wherever the supermarket chain has a store could mean unlimited outlets right in the heart of the consumer, but possibly to the detriment of why Offenda was founded to begin with, with a watered down and more socially acceptable tone.
The question, of course, is which would you pick and why?
Answer: We wouldn’t consider selling to supermarkets and the like, these companies are like the ultimate in conveyor belt grey, with products that are designed with the sole intension of pleasing the herds, to convey to people that “you’re all, individually, alike”!
The skill of the hand made is the art of Offenda, which is lost and dead in such places. Our tees are the revolution against the revolving doors.
As for celebrities, who cares! The only real worry is if it’s worn to shock and offend without understanding what the brand stands for. But to be honest, any celeb doing so, would simply out themselves as vapid, stupid, and synonyms with the kind of dull, boring, bland behaviour we’re all too used to seeing.

#7. LADIM: And finally; what does the future hold for Offenda? What can we look forward to from the geniuses behind the scenes?
Answer: We are soon to be introducing the female tees. It is structurally important to have the symmetry in the products to reflect the company and ourselves.  We are carefully incorporating the new range in a campaign as we aim for it to emerge in a fluid way. We imagine those who have been introduced to Offenda may wonder why there are only male tees at the moment, considering the fact we are heavily defining Offenda through the male and female aspect of ourselves, Harlot and The Lord.
We look forward to showcasing the new items within our usual artistic light. We have collaborated to enable the art to be more accessible and to communicate the growth of the brand. Our first offensive for 2014 has begun with ’transfixed’, the street art for this is now showcased throughout London’s artistic hotspots, and will continually expand. Our current concept is based on The Lords infatuation with Harlot, the stalking, the developing and the documenting of the process. We have exciting ideas and different ways of projecting our work this year that will please people passing it on their journeys in the coming months. Offenda is born in London but will disperse through other cities and across the globe.

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