For anyone who wasn’t aware (or living under a rock) Kodaline performed an exclusive set at 2fm on March 18th, to a crowd of less than 100 people.

To be there, all you had to do was be lucky enough to win a golden ticket through the radio station or various social networking sites. Thousands wanted what only a small few received.

I happen to be one of those lucky few (cheers Rick).

I stood a few feet from Steve Garrigan as he belted out each track without flaw. His eyes kept closed tight through most songs, allowed us, the dedicated audience, see him  losing himself within the stories he’s singing to us, but he’s not alone; through every song, every band member seems to be lost in a memory of their own. Forcing us, the audience to join them (not that we put up any kind of resistance).

With the gig being so small and intimate it made the experience so much more personal. It allowed the audience to feel the emotion of the lyrics on a new level , the music, flawless, just hung in the air, like it was the oxygen keeping us alive.

Between each song, Rick O’Shea stepped in to ask the band some questions, Cormac then had a select few members of the audience ask their own questions, this only made the experience even more personal.

The set was originally supposed to consist of four songs,”ready”, “love will set you free”, “the one” and “high hopes”,  but we got the pleasure of an added bonus track, when they finished up with “All I want”, and it was mesmerizing!

Nobody left the building disappointed, we all left buzzing with a new lease on life.

If there is one band you’re going to see this year, make it Kodaline. They are definitely showcasing some of the brilliant talent our tiny little island has to offer.

Kodaline play Kilmainham Royal hospital on June 26th.