White Room

White Room

With a resurgence in the live scene across the breadth of the UK more and more people are getting out from behind their monitors and TV’s and into the venues and clubs of the land; like a phoenix from some rather salty ashes there’s a buzz like never before about the number of new bands and acts taking the stage, donning the performers hat, and creating memories in the minds of masses.
Whether uniquely different or a pastiche of the familiar the circuit is steadily filling up with musicians eager to take their passions and share the music with like minded audiences and appreciators of quality noise everywhere.
And with each new name appearing on the circuit comes a chance for us as the audience to learn of new names, experience the influence of those who became the teachers of the musicians standing before us and discovering just how far down the rabbit hole goes, expose new ears to classic sounds and in turn become the teachers to a new generation of ‘students.
Jonathon ‘Riff’ Price of the Eric Clapton dubbed White Room covers band is one such musician of the scene helping re-introduce classics both known and exclusive, the lessons imparted from beneath the spotlights glare taught with the same enthusiasm and confidence his own tutors of legend espoused.

With an ear for good music and a penchant for the classics LADIM sat down with the guitarists guitarist Jonathon ‘Riff’ Price of White Room for a word or six about this, that, and a bit of the other…

Jonathon 'Riff' Price

Jonathon ‘Riff’ Price

LADIM : Hello and welcome; please, introduce yourself to our audience..?
My name is Jonathan Price, and I am the guitarist in a covers band called White Room. Tony Clee is the Lead Vocalist and Harmonica, Ray ‘Blue’ Blueitt plays bass and Pete is the drummer.

LADIM : Where in the world do you call ‘home’?
White Room originate from Tipton in the West Midlands,

LADIM : What genre should we be looking under to discover the sounds you create?
Our genre is Blues Rock, we play covers from artists such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix,Free, Bad Company, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, BB King, Freddie King, Joe Bonamassa and Robert Johnson – we have every era of blues covered but the list goes on.

Tony Clee

Tony Clee


LADIM : What was the initial spark that created the drive, the fire in the belly of every musician that calls them to the stage?

The idea of White Room came as a result of watching covers band as a teenager in pubs in Tipton with my dad: I was sick and tired of hearing the same songs week in week out, so me and the bass player Ray decided to form a covers band with a twist, instead of bands covering the well known hits like Free’s Alright Now and Black Sabbath’s Paranoid, we decided to cover some of the not so well known songs so that the audience can experience new music which they might not have heard for years.
The band formed as part of a MacMillan Charity weekend in October 2013 and we played the gig without no rehearsal or anything and we just clicked as musicians, and after the gig we decided to carry on as a band and we started building on the bands songs and setlists.

LADIM : Where can we go right now to sample some of your aural delights?
At the moment we are in the process of recording an EP of our best covers to date, but we do have videos on our Facebook page from previous gigs, more videos and songs to be recorded throughout the year.

LADIM : Being in such a unique position how does the live scene look from you perspective on stage?
I think the live music scene is very healthy; there are a lot of venues to play in the West Midlands area, but the main problem is getting your name around to these venues and for them to give covers bands a chance.

drumLADIM : With such an enormous back catalog of simply superb classics to choose from which single WR track would you say was the one our audience should have at number one on their playlist?
Well thats difficult; we plays lots of different songs in our set but the one that stands out for me is a Kenny Wayne Shepherd song called Blue On Black. Not many people have heard of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and if you listen to our version to the original it is quite the same format wise, but with the addition of a harmonica solo in the middle section. I do like performing this song live and when you get to see the reaction on peoples faces.

LADIM : Where’s the best place to find White Room when not performing before the masses?

Online we can be found at the usual places, such as;

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Whiteroomcovers
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/whiteroomcoversband?ref=bookmarks

LADIM : And in that spirit of shameless self-promotion what else would you like our audience to know?

Ray ‘Blue’ Blueit

Ray ‘Blue’ Blueit

We have a couple of gigs coming up in 2015 to look out for; on the 30th May we are at The Wheatsheaf in West Bromwich, 6th June we are at The Frying Pan in Darlaston, 20th June we are at The Rising Sun in Tipton as part of Black Country Ale Beer Festival, and on 19th July we return to the Spring Head Tavern in Darlaston for their Charity Event.

Catch White Room live and learn some lessons of the legends from the laureates of classics here.