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Kinasis mosh pit pile on Interview



From a South West setting within the United Kingdom to the global stage of Italy, the internet, and everywhere in-between, Kinasis are taking the genre of metal to new levels of compositional accomplishment and mawkish melodies, without forgetting to thrown in a hook or two for the inevitable mosh-pit pile-on.

Since two thousand ten Kinasis have taken their oft-times odd-time technical extremes to the ears of the discerning gig-goer; blending the fathoms of their souls with the depths of their emotions Kinasis’ tempering of tempestuous trills with melody and groove has secured the band a reputation as more-than mere metallers and a following as loyal as it is exclusively diverse in fans.

Releasing an EP to sate the hunger of the crowds gave Kinasis a launch-pad to ignite the cluster-bombing of collecting followers to their cause, ensnare a broader audience to lend their ears to the quell of chords and controlled chaos; and in the two years since its release bands such as Sworn Against, Abadden and the hallowed harbingers of heavy Sepultura have shared a stage with Kinasis on the UK underground circuit.

Regional and international airplay has extended the bands sound further still, and when six string virtuoso Gianluca Ferro came a-calling with an invite for Kinasis to appear alongside him and his band S.H.I.N.E. on stage in Italy, it was the day the music world will remember as When Mopeds Went Metal.

With a full length debut album completed under the guiding eye of Justin Hill – Fortress Studios/SikTh fame – under their belts we tracked down these troublers of timing and Italian trends to find out more about Kinasis; what makes them unique in metal and more than just ‘a band’; how they create such complex structures and intricate touches; and learn what the term ‘metal’ means to them…


LADIM: Hello, welcome, and Kinasis are..?

Kinasis are a group of friends who happen to be musicians who all share a passion for music and just love to play. Though our tastes vary we are like minded in our approach to our music and share a love for all things metal…

LADIM: Another British band, and another band taking their genre to the next level of musical evolution. Would you say that’s a fair assumption of Kinasis sound?

I guess that’s a fair assumption. We love music and the unlimited possibilities it has. The idea of musical exploration fascinates us as a collective. We love the way a song can captivate and move you… When we write we never think about what sort of song should it be… “This song should be a fast one” or “Lets do a slow groovy track”. We start a song and then just see where it takes us. Through whatever path that may be. Which can make our music take unexpected twists and turns, sometimes extreme sometimes not.

We have been influenced by many bands and artists… Rush, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath through to Pantera, Fear Factory, Napalm Death and Meshuggah. Those bands all did things their way and we perhaps identify with that mindset. The idea of creating concepts around the music, digging deeper into the possibilities available to us as artists, writers and musicians.

There are a lot of sub-genres within metal music which is OK but it’s not something we tend to think about. We don’t aim to fit in with any particular sub-genre, or to become a clone of BandX or BandY. Whatever comes out when we write a song, just seems to happen. Our only rule is that if we like it…We’ll play it. Perhaps it’s just down to the fact that we get bored easily..ha ha!

LADIM: What themes and timing-theatrics, if you will, can we look forward to hearing on the new album?
The album is driven by our eclectic nature. The concept behind it runs through the songs, lyrics and artwork. When we get involved in our ideas we tend to let them drive us forward. The music reflects what the song is about lyrically. It breathes life into our ideas. We use a lot of odd-time signatures within our music which can create interesting ways to play with vocal patterns and allows us to take the songs into unexpected directions. This is something that features a lot within the album. The album can go from being atmospheric and haunting to extreme and even brutal.


The album title ‘Divine Self Invention’ ties in to self-belief. Belief in yourself above all else. Especially in an age where we know more things about science and the universe we live in. There are frightening, tangible things going on in the world right here, right now. Believe in yourself. You are your own master of your destiny!

We have just released a song from the album. It’s a track called “Regenesis”. We wanted to try and use a song that covers a little bit of everything we do… Which isn’t easy. Although we still have a lot of surprises left on the album.


LADIM: How did the band feel about sharing a stage with Gianluca Ferro, and how did that all come about?
That was just an awesome experience from start to finish. Gianluca is amazing as both a musician and a person!

We met Gianluca through Mike Alexander, a mutual friend of ours and Gians. Mike sent Gianluca a couple of our demos, Gian liked what he heard and invited us to Italy to play some shows. Then the following year, Gian and his band came over to the UK and we did some shows with them over here. Since then, we’ve remained in contact with Gianluca. It would be good to do some kind of collaboration with him at some point, but we’re all quite busy and Gian has his other projects, including Breath Of Nibiru with Nick Pearce (Unearth). Who knows, perhaps we might get him in to guest on our next recording?!

We’ve also been out with Malefice a few times, we’ve shared a stage with Tesseract and got to open a show with Sepultura on their latest UK tour.

LADIM: Penultimate question time! What defines the term ‘metal’ as far as Kinasis is concerned?
Metal is a difficult term to nail down, it’s so wide-reaching….. It is essentially creative, expressive, guitar and drum-driven music that can be visceral and brutal at times and intricate and beautiful at others. It could be fast or slow and still be considered heavy and can express a wide range of human emotions, from peace, love and happiness, to sadness and despair, to righteous anger and outright misanthropic hatred. Metal is catharsis in it’s purest form!


LADIM: And finally; It’s time to sell your soul! What else do you want our audience to know?

We are working out the details for the release of the album. We have already started working on our next album, as we can’t seem to stop the writing process. We also have a video for another track on the album ready to go too.

But really at the moment we are getting out and playing live. It’s the best part of being a musician. It’s the real reason we all do this. Getting out there opens us up to more possibilities… Meeting great bands and playing killer shows…

On top of all of that, we also have some great opportunities lined up on the horizon; including a couple of possible soundtrack appearances and some exciting live dates…But nothing has been 100% confirmed on these, so we can’t say any more than that yet. Basically…Watch This Space!!!

Watch our Facebook page and our twitter account for news on the album, gigs etc:

Twitter: @KinasisOfficial

And don’t forget to take a look at the album teaser and the new lyric video for Regenesis on our YouTube channel:



Kinasis debut album was mixed and mastered by Justin Hill (Fortress Studios/SikTh):-