In anticipation of their new EP titled “Movement” to be released as part of Metal Hammer magazine, I got a chance to interview the members of Idiom. I talk about their upcoming series of EPs and how the opportunity came to fruition. I also get to find out about their influences and their song writing process as well as some of their guilty pleasures. Here is the interview anyway with Idiom:

LADIM: Movement is one in a series of EP’s that are to be released as part of Metal Hammer magazine. Could you tell us how the opportunity arose and what you think this could do for your career?

IDIOM: Metal Hammer have always been good to us and were the first magazine, we thought of when putting out the E.P. After hearing it, they said “we will put it on the cover mount” but we never thought it would lead to three E.P’s, so we jumped back in the studio and are currently still there. It’s a great platform to release from! You only need to look at The Defiled and While She Sleeps to see how it works, so fingers crossed.

LADIM: What would you say is the thing that separates you from other metal bands out there at the moment?

IDIOM: We make songs for us and not the scene. Plus , we have been friends forever, I really feel that shapes your sound, rather than making a generic piece of music made by guys that just want to be rock stars.

LADIM: When it came to deciding what songs to put on the EP did it ultimately come down to what songs you had done at the time?

IDIOM: No, we made about ten songs but, we didn’t feel ready to put out a full length just yet. But some of those songs will be coming out soon, not to mention one with some very special guests. 😉

LADIM: Do you have an overarching theme for the individual EP’s such as Movement for the first one?

IDIOM: Yeah, the theme of Movement is don’t waste time, don’t just settle and most important of all chase your dreams. People don’t do that anymore.

LADIM: What metal bands would you say have had the biggest influence on you as a band. Also, individually do you all share similar influences?

IDIOM: Yeah, we all grew up in the same era of Nu-metal, and were all highly influenced by Korn, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Rage against the Machine, System of a down, Incubus. Any band that had groove and bounce,which is lacking in metal these days.

LADIM: Songs like “Briandead” and “Red” clearly have real venom behind them both musically and lyrically. For these examples was it a riff that started it off or lyrics that set the tone of the songs?

IDIOM: It’s a bit of both I would say. I remember when writing both of those songs I turned up to band practice vexed. I asked for some heavy filth and KG has a bag of riffs at all times and just whipped those out. Everybody put in their two pence and it all came together.

LADIM: Finally, individually or as a band are there any influences that maybe we wouldn’t expect from a heavy metal band?

IDIOM: Haha yeah, if only you could be in our van on tour and hear what we listen to. I can’t think of a musician that we have met along the way who doesn’t have Justin Timberlake on their Ipod haha. I would say lighter music doesn’t influence so much, but inspires us to write. We have been slaying Bastille and Fleetwood Mac in the van recently. You got to have a good old sing-along and a game of I spy if you’re rolling with us on the road.



07-Mar Swansea – Static

09-Mar Birmingham – The Flapper

10-Mar Leicester – The Scholar

11-Mar Sheffield – Corporation

13-Mar Liverpool – The Pickett

14-Mar Gwynedd – Hfan y Mor Holiday Park (Hammerfest)

15-Mar Southampton – University (Takedown Festival)

04-Apr Taunton – Club Khode

11-Apr Bournemouth – Anvil