If home truly is where the heart is, then it’s little wonder that new self – titled Hibou album radiates all of the warmth of an overdue homely welcome.

Indeed, the concept of “home” plays a monumental role in the musical development of Hibou creator-21 year old Seattle native Peter Michel-half of the album having been recorded at his parent’s home! “There are times during the album where, if you listen carefully, you can hear my Dad cooking or hammering in the background” he explains without so much as a hint of admission or apology- and rightfully so.

Undeterred and armed with the desire to do things his own way, Michel composed a debut full length LP bursting with that glorious, upbeat 80’s magic, sprinkled with enough funk to offer a captivating and unique twist.

With less of an experimental sound than previous EP Dunes (which he recorded in his closet, by the way), this album represents a refocusing of sorts, whilst managing to stay true to the homely values which are now par for the cause where Hibou are concerned.

Reverb-drenched guitar sounds provide the foundation for breezy, layered and clinically executed indie pop. Warm, sugar coated vocals and tracks such as In The Sun and Shutter Song ensure an album which is full to it’s smooth and polished brim with charisma.

Hibou is an 11 track collection which perfectly reflects the dreamy and nostalgic mindset of Peter Michel, meaning that if you’re in a “drift away” or “out there” frame of mind, this one’s for you!

Hibou, the self-titled LP and brainchild of Peter Michel is released on September 18 via Barsuk Records.