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Greatest gigs: Electric Six The Academy Dublin - Live And Die In Music

So Sarah, what’s the greatest gig you’ve ever been to? Now there’s a loaded question. It’s one of those questions that’s almost impossible to answer. I go to a gig at least once a month, some of them I can hardly remember, some of them I’ll never forget. There’s also many different factors to consider, what made it such a good gig? Was it the band, the people, the atmosphere, were my thoughts so impaired by the power that is the alcoholic beverage and what I may consider “the greatest gig” was actually the worst gig I’ve ever been to? (At this point I decided to stop thinking as it was just bringing me deeper and deeper into a black hole of dispair, and just close my eyes and pick a ticket stub out of my collection.)

The greatest gig I’ve ever been to was totally “Electric Six”. For those of you who aren’t aware of this quirky six piece band from Detroit, Michigan well you should be because they’re shit hot! For those of you who need your memory refreshed they’re the guys who sing that song “Gay Bar”, in the video for it they’re all dressed up like Abe Lincoln in sparkly hot pants, remember them now? Well I went to see them in November 2013 at The Academy, Dublin.

I got to the venue at about 7:30 Irish time ready to do some serious jumping and around and have a bitta craic, I was not disappointed. First on stage was the support act “Andy D”, a man and his wife who both shared a fantastic sense of humour and a passion for entertainment. I was mesmerised as the two walked out on stage in their electro-hippie outfits and introduced me to their pop/rap/elecro jazz music. When they first went on stage majority of the gig-goers were at the bar acquiring a drink or standing on the side lines chatting. By the middle of Andy D’s set the crowd had gathered in to get a glimpse of these two doing their thing. They had done a superb job at getting the crowd ready to witness the majesty that is Electric Six.

Everyone was standing at the ready, attentive and a little impatient, waiting for the lads to hit the stage. The second they came out the crowd went absolutely insane. First song up was “Nom De Plume”, not one of my favourite songs, but the sheer excitement of it all had me dancing from one side of the venue to the other. I knew in the back of my head it was only going to get better. The atmosphere was invigorating!

They went on to play a lot of my favourites, “Improper Dancing”, “Danger! High Voltage”, “I Buy The Drugs”, but there was one song that everyone was waiting to hear. Suddenly, Mr. Valentine himself asks the entire venue to sit down and take a quick rest. Bewildered, the crowd done what they were asked and sat down. Dick went on to do a bit of a speech. At the end of his speech he introduced the lead guitarist “The White Wolf”. With the introduction came the riff everyone had been waiting for. “Gay Bar” was playing live and people knew exactly what to do; go completely nut-bar crazy. Crowd surfing, mosh pits, attempted stage dives, arm flailing, what more could you ask for at a gig? The crowd were so hyped up that The White Wolf was introduced a further three or four times. It was bliss. After that they played a few more songs and ended the night with “Dance Commander”. The crowd, once again, went wild. A perfect end to a perfect gig.

I left the venue a sweaty mess as did many of the others. I have to say from the bottom of my heart I would do it all again and hopefully will. A little birdy (it was the internet) told me they’re playing in Dublin once again this November. If you’re around make sure to grab yourself a ticket! If you’re not, you might be able to catch one of their other gigs listed on their website. I sincerely hope I have given you all the urge to find out what you’re missing if you weren’t previously a fan!