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Funzo | Latest Gigs | Dublin - Live And Die In Music

When I’m going to some of my favourite Dublin gigs, I’m almost all the time hiding in my personal bubble. A giant soapy bubble, not real, not physical, but is there. It is a smooth and warm place, where I’m alone in the middle of the crowd. This magic place, this pure magic, because that is what it is, is possible only when the power and the beauty of the music can gives you wings, or whatever it is that all of a sudden makes you far away from everything even though you are still in the same place. But again… place, time, even space are all relative, and the whole body wants just to stop to exist, not that this is something bad , but just part of the process, where if the body give it up to the music, then the soul starts really to get a shape, almost visible from your breaths. Is funny what really good music can do to a person, isn’t it? Some people claim they can have true orgasim’s just listening to their favourite music. I don’t find it too hard to believe.
Funzo’s music is capable of the “bubble magic”, as the first time I saw one of his gigs I was just enchanted from the rhythm and every little wave of emotions that comes out of it, and with it. Liam McDermott’s voice is sweet and funky, and tickle hears and soul.
This amazing artist is getting bigger everyday and it is actually not hard to understand why, all you need is to open Spotify, or Youtube, or like his page “Funzo” on facebook, to give it a nice try. Maybe you’ll experience the giant bubble then, and we’ll have to discuss all of it.
His first album, “The Great and Lonesome” was launched for the very first time at the Twisted Pepper on May 17 th. “The Great and Lonesome” is a master piece, 18 tracks of proper tears, proper laughs, proper dances, proper rhythm and words. Proper music in all its shapes.

Highly recommended “Never Win”, love is too delicate to show sometimes, but when is too important it is everyrthing you have to lose and everything you have to lose, fear doesn’t help though, but is good protection, “We didn’t wasted”, every really important love story in a life’s individual has to have this soundtrack, “Amour Fou”, for people who are crazy in love with each other and want to hide it, but can’t really, and “Stalk this way” a really funny parody of what can happen with a couple of drinks more then you are suppose to and a facebook profile in your hands.
How to define Funzo’s music genre? Hard one. He defines himself “Hip-Pop, Ska, And I don’t Know”. I’d add a bit of Funk and a bit of Pop, and a bit of Soul.
An explosive mix of differences can create any sort of perfection? Indeed. Funzo’s music can.
What I really enjoyed of the last gig on 25th June at the Twisted Pepper (this Dublin spot is 100% recommended anyway, one of those bars where you’ll never really think to stop unless somebody invited you for some music, but you are still not really sure about it. Well, be sure about it! The Twisted Pepper is rarely not worth a good night out, fun people, and amazing music) was to listen and spy on people who clearly were at a Funzo’s gig for the first time. I heard a couple of surprised “Oh My God…”, a good few “Holy shit!”, and then it was raining any sort of “He’s the man, he’s the man”.
Then I could spot some of my favourite strangers, in other words individuals I never spoke to but I instinctively know we could be amazing friends for their attitude, or an expression painted on their faces, so these strangers were absolutely experiencing the giant bubble. Just while I was too busy dancing. Funzo’s music is not only pure abstract hearts-pleasure but also material-need to start jumping all over the place. Need which in my case was absolutely satisfied, and that’s why I couldn’t move properly the day after. Had to be done!
The atmosphere his music creates is incredibly tangible but also spiritual, and I think it’s rare to find.
Truth be told, it is really hard to find bad music in Dublin, but what Funzo can make with some friends, a stage and a microphone is certainly magic. Which is what music is in the very end.
If you are not checking out this guy already, you are a freak!