Quiet Day is the new album by a band called Fort Lean. It will be release on the 2nd of June off Ooh La La Records. First a little about the band; Jake, Sam and Zach met at Wesleyan University and started their band on the first day of school and were later joined by members Keenan and Will. The universities progressive band orientated atmosphere acted as a great training ground for the band and they later relocated to New York. The members experimented in various other bands and worked various jobs before re-emerging and reuniting as Fort Lean.

Quiet Day is an energetic indie record reminiscent of mid 2000s indie rock such as Weezer yet there is no sense in listening to this that it’s dated or derivative. In fact, comparisons to the past might be unfair to Fort Lean. They have quite a lot to offer. In listening to Quiet Day, I found it a consistent and easy listen. Vocalist Keenan says of the band’s music “There are elements in our music that you might think you’ve heard before but they translate to something different when the parts come together.” and I feel that is quite accurate to me in just being acquainted with their sound.

Cut To The Chase is a fantastic intro the album. Musically, there are many layers to their sound that interveve together that is a pleasure to listen to. The song has a strong melody and catchy chorus. The vocal delivery is fantastic. It’s an upbeat song that’s immediately infectious from first listen. Just A Little Spirit is another track with euphoric vocal delivery and more infectious melodies. Fort Lean’s album is definitely an uplifting listen. However, there are many dimesions to this album. The album takes an ambiguous darker turn with the tracks In The Hospital and Might’ve Misheard. Quiet Day conveys an array of moods including the title track. Quiet Day takes the mood down a notch compared to the previous hi energy. There is an almost grunge feel so this track. The lyrical theme seems to be avoidance of troubles or something to that effect- “I’m not in my head while you’re moving your lips”.

In The Hospital’s lyrical themes either hint at self destruction or a destructive relationship- “I don’t wanna hit you/not even with my hand”. Lyrically, it’s an interesting track. The chorus grabs with more excellent vocal delivery. Quiet Day manages to show many sides of the human condition, not just love songs and not just having a good time which seems to be the staple of many contemporary indie bands. Might’ve Misheard is a song that builds to a blistering climax that is hard not to enjoy.

It’s true that there are a lot of up and coming bands with an “indie” or “indie rock” hashtag at the moment. It’s also fair to say a lot of bands are the result of their influences and not much more. Fort Lean are a tight band. They have a good sense of their own sound. There is a down to earth simplicity here. Quiet Day is an enjoyable and consistent album with enough energy and catchy melodies to keep the listener interested.

Quiet Day will be released on June 2nd off Ooh La La Records.