Back in the post popular punk days of 1979 emerged a new breed of punk bands emerged….more aggressive…more angry, bands like GBH, Anti Pasti were catching the attention of a disaffected youth (funny how history repeats itself aint it?) but from the vitriol and anger emerged a young band with a slightly different more appealing side of this all out in yer face music. External Menace were from the Lanarkshire Town of Coatbridge….an old mining community and despite not having major mainstream success these guys influenced a generation, guaranteed most 80’s punks will tell you External Menace were their favourite band!! Now three decades later and after a successful appearance at the annual punk festival ‘Rebellion’ in Blackpool the band have released ‘The Last Blast’ EP and what a cracker it is, demonstrating perfectly the qualities that made and still make the band so appealing. ‘Citizen Caned’ is a brilliant fusion of reggae and punk and very typical of the stuff these guys do best. ‘Playing God’ is just perfection with ‘No Uniform’ returning to the early ‘External Menace’ style…political…fast…angry.  The opening track ‘Rights Now’ couldn’t be anybody other than”External Menace’ driving melodic guitar work….the trade mark of this band.

Track Listing:

  1. Rights Now
  2. No Uniform
  3. Citizen Caned
  4. Playing God

External Menace are:

Sneddy – Guitar/Vocals

Welshy – Vocals

Jim – Guitar

Kev – Bass

Pommi – Drums