Miss Narcissist is the delightful grungy new single by Courtney Love. Around this time last year, Courtney Love toured the UK and released the double A-side 7” You Know My Name/Wedding Day. The tracks were a return to form for Love both lyrically and musically. Courtney delivered two singles with the hard edge audiences love her for. Miss Narcissist is a slight bit less aggressive musically than the previously released songs, but retains that Courtney Love grit through her distinctive vocals.

The lyrics are amusingly self aware as if she’s poking fun at what her detractors say about her. She snarls “No Apologies”. The track is also accompanied by a b-side entitled Killer Radio. Interestingly, the artwork is designed by Courtney herself.

The track retains Courtney’s classic snarling style but it also feels fresh and new. Most recently, Courtney has appeared in the US TV series Empire playing the rock legend Elle Dallas, a women struggling with addiction and embarking on a comeback- complete with breathtaking musical numbers. Courtney is currently embarking on a US tour with Lana Del Rey and I imagine this song will delight audiences live. The track is available to stream on Soundcloud and is available to pre-order as a 7” single to be released this summer. The track is currently out as a digital release via Ghost Ramp.