Clingfilm – A Nick J. Townsend Documentary

Clingfilm – A Nick J. Townsend Documentary


Give a man a fish – as the old saying goes – and he will eat for a day.

Give that man a fishing rod and don’t be surprised when recounting the specific details of that very same man to a member of the local constabulary after you have awoken from your sound thrashing from the business end of a fishing rod, sans money and shoes.

A notable lesson to hold close to the heart for sure, and one the unwary traveler to foreign shores would be mindful to keep at the forefront of their grey matter when approached by such salubrious company as can be found within the sunny climbs and suspect alleys of The City Of Angels L.A. itself.

And it is to the land of LaLa Britain’s most infamous export is currently to be found, the seminal Weak13 frontman Nick J. Townsend himself hitting the streets and back-handing the bars in search of insight, stories, secrets and even celebrities in his ground-breaking documentary Clingfilm.

Featuring interviews with fellow musicians as James Grundler of Golden State, Mario Valadez of The Mendenhall Experiment, actors James Craigmills and Charles Frank, and even a pen-smith or two such as noted author Edward Gehlert, it opens eyes and minds to the faces and stories behind some of the sights and sounds populating America’s

Revealing a relaxed on-screen demeanor Nick’s natural confidence under the spotlight encourages an open to proceedings, rewards the viewer with unguarded and honest responses delivered in a relaxed, almost conversational atmosphere.

As Nick himself describes the ground-breaking short;

‘I actually find it hard to explain what the documentary really is, half documentary, half mockumentary. it’s just slice of time in LA. I made the film to inspire with the help of stories and opinions from creative people I met in LA.’


Destined to become a series and the man Townsend himself an ambassador for both Britain and music Clingfilm can be unwrapped with the click of the button below…


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