DID are comprised of three members from Turin, Italy. They are avid lovers of Avant-pop which reflect throughout their music. They are heavily involved in remixes, working with a number of various different artists including Vaghe stelle and Larry gus from their latest EP “Skills”. Fabio Nirta and Marcello Farno from Bizarre Love Triangles are in charge of managing the group along with Nicola Cani from Foolica Records who is their label manager.

If we take a step back to 2010 DID’s early career began with a single called Hello Hello featuring the song “Another Pusher” remixed by These New Puritans. They later went on to release a full length album titled “Bad boys” in October of 2013. “Bad Boys” differs vastly from “Skills”. I can’t even begin to describe all the different combinations of sound. Overtones of hip hop and R’n’b can be heard in songs such as “MVP” and “Coin Slot”.

“Skills” is the original track from DID and is self titled as their new EP. Relying heavily on synth, vocals are consistent within the track also. This song is undeniably a summer tune. A feel good song, electric guitar is added into the mix. So there you have it, synth, vocals and electric guitar which pretty much sums up “Skills” in three words.

The Skills remix by Vaghe Stelle is much darker and distorted. Vocals are distorted substantially and muffled in the background. You are unable to decipher what the words are. There is no electric guitar and I would even describe this remix as haunting. The underlying vibes from Vaghe Stelle remix are almost ominous.

The Larry Gus remix is nothing like the Vaghe Stelle remix but is similar to the original song. It’s sped up a lot. Whereas with the original “Skills” that introduces vocals after 15 seconds “Skills” (Larry Gus remix) brings vocals in after 10 seconds. The original “Skills” allows us to take in the vocals in it’s entirety. However, the Larry Gus remix is not distorted or muffled unlike the Vaghe Stelle remix. Guitar riffs and bass replace a considerable amount of synth.

You can contact the Avant-pop trio about any enquiry at weare@did-badboys.com. Give them a like on facebook and follow them on twitter. You know you want to. DID have shared the stage with the likes of MGMT, Is Tropical and LCD Soundsystem. Their music continues to spread globally and live performances continue to strengthen.


By Nick Fitzgerald.