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An Interview with Buffalo Summer - Live And Die In Music
Buffalo Summer
From the roaming hill-sides that litter the countryside and gloriously sprawling landscapes Wales has always held an ace in the hole musically; from crooner Tom Jones to pop/rock band Catatonia, the fertile landscapes have been the inspiration for birthing many a famous musician in the past.
Looking to add yet another world dominating group to is list of home-grown talent it is with huge pleasure we present Welsh rock powerhouse Buffalo Summer for your considered appreciations.
Having been lucky enough to have been on tour with Buckcherry and Skid Row it seems churlish to continue much further in this feature, the bands credentials  of an electric live set and future-classic songs securing them a spot on stage beside two of the biggest names on the rock scene.
With the release of their first album Lords of the Riff vol.1 – a genre defining release that snatched them from the underground live scene and stood them tall in the spotlight of recognition, the band invited for an extensive tour throughout Germany with The Graveltones – Buffalo Summer delivered their resume of having talent beyond their years with an aural offering exposing the very depths of the bands creativity.
With a Southern blues soul seeping through the tracks Buffalo Summer’s tempering of their sound with a soulful rock mix the band have set new standards for stunning first impressions, respected music publication Classic Rock Magazine moved to praise the release as:
“…Zeppelin here, a touch of Skynyrd there and a big helping of Free pretty much through out… What’s really impressive here is the hunger and conviction of the delivery”
Having already tasted life on the long road and experienced playing before thousands of fans Andrew Hunt, Jonny Williams, Darren King, and Gareth Hunt – aka Buffalo Summer –  granted us an interview to talk some about themselves, their music, and much, much more…
 Buffalo Summer
#1: To the band we say ‘Hi’ and ‘who are Buffalo Summer’..?
We are four long time friends who formed in 2010 over a mutual love of bluesy classic rock.
#2: So, how about a little band back-story..?
In 2011 we self funded our debut album and recorded at Mwnci Studios in Wales.  We initially self released the album and in 2013 we managed to secure a distribution deal with Cargo Records which allowed the album to be placed in shops throughout the UK and Europe.  We also made the album available worldwide digitally.
We contacted as many people as possible in the press and we had many positive reviews from the world over.  In particular, Classic Rock Magazine really got behind us and invited us to their studio in London to be the first band ever to record an acoustic session for the digital launch of the magazine on ITunes.  They followed this with a full page article and a 7/10 review of our debut album.
Soon after this we received a call from New York from the TKO Booking Agency who said they would love to work with us.  This was when our touring began and we’ve been on the road ever since.  Our first tour was with Duff Mckagan’s (Guns N Roses) new band Walking Papers.  This band also features Mike McCready of Pearl Jam. This was quickly followed by a three week headline tour of Spain.
We played two sets at Download Festival. We have also toured with Ugly Kid Joe, Status Quo, Skid Row, Heavens Basement, The Quireboys, Kadavar, The Cadillac Three and The Graveltones.
We recently completed a six week tour. The first run of dates was with Canadian band Monster Truck and Texan band Scorpion Child.  We went from the UK to play three dates with them in Paris, Zurich and Vienna.  After that we completed a three week tour of Germany with The Graveltones.
Ticket links to all the shows can be found directly from our website: –
#3: Having heard your self titled debut release it seems incredible it it’s the bands first album..?
Answer: Thank you very much.  Generally speaking the debut album was well received in the press and by the rock and roll public.  The beauty of the first album for us was that the whole process was very organic and natural.  It was a new beginning for us all.  We just got in a room and let the songs write themselves.  Going back to the reasons why we all started playing instruments and being in a band in the first place.  For the love of music and the chemistry and camaraderie you get from jamming with good friends.  We didn’t over analyse things too much.  We just wrote the songs, felt good about them and recorded them.  Then we released the album and it got us to where we are today.  Now we are really honing on what sort of band we are in terms of sound and songwriting.  Lyrically a lot of the songs were inspired by personal experiences and growing up in a rural environment in Wales.  Down To The River for instance looks at the way man’s greed sacrifices the beauty of the natural world around us.  I grew up in a house backing onto a river and this place and the natural surroundings will always have a magical quality to them, almost spellbinding.  It has helped shape who I am and what I do as a lyricist.
You can check out the video for this song here: –
And if you like what you hear the album and other merchandise can be purchased from here: –
#4: How did the invite to appear with the aforementioned ‘Cherry and ‘Row  all come about..?
Luckily for us we’ve already had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Skid Row last year.  They were a nice bunch of guys and treated us well.  That was so great for us because we were already fans of the band growing up and some of us had been to see them live a few times.  So we went from being fans to sharing the stage with these guys which was a surreal moment.
We actually have the same booking agent as both bands and they were going out together as a co-headline show alternating slots each night.  We then got invited to be the opening band on the tour which is great exposure for us and a privilege to be able to rock with these guys for a while.
Also, it’s going to be great for us to return to Spain where we were received so well last year.  The Spanish fans are really passionate about their music and turn out in their droves.  Some of the nicest people we’ve met on the road are from Spain.  A beautiful country that rocks.
 Buffalo Summer
#5: And finally! Which band would win in a fight;
The Who or Led Zepplin?
Ha ha that’s an interesting question!  Musically, Led Zeppelin will always win hands down.  The Golden Gods of rock.  I imagine Bonzo would have been a handful in a fight but I’d have to say The Who overall.  I’ve read a few articles that said Daltrey was a bit tasty when he was younger and always fighting.  So I imagine between him and Keith alone they would clean up.  That said I reckon Paul Rodgers would have sparked them all out.
Andrew (Buffalo Summer)
Photography credits  Sara Thomas Photography
and Anthony Shadrach.
Official website – www.buffalosummer.net