Brad Oberhofer is a 21 year old Brooklyn-based musician who has been making music in his bedroom with his band “Oberhofer” since 2010. Their latest offering “Time capsules II” is released on Glassnote and boasts Steven Lilywhite as the producer. Based on the image projected by the band you would be forgiving in thinking they were another surfer, scuzzy band in the same vain as Best Coast or Wavves and while they do very much have a lo-fi sound, the songs are much more complex than that.  Each song has highs and lows, swoops and swirls while always keeping an optimistic, hopeful vibe in its foundations. The first couple of songs on the album definitely sound like a band that are very excited about being signed, working with a major producer and what the future may hold. That’s why songs like “I could go” can sound quite cluttered upon first listen.

The first half of the album especially takes a few listens to distinguish between each song. It feels as though in the second half the band have come down from their giddy excitement and are really finding their feet. “Cruisin’ FDR” feels like it will be the anthem of the summer and one I found myself repeating again and again.  Songs “Gold” and “Haus” have touches of math-rock to them in their arrangements and for me being a big fan of this genre, were the stand out tracks for me. It took me a few listens to fully get in to the album but once I did, I was bobbing my head and singing the lyrics and joining in on the endless “ooohhss” feeling the excitement the band do and also surprise at how much each song had grown on me. This album couldn’t come at a better time as it is packing serious summer vibes and can’t help but put you in a good mood. With tunes and a future as promising as Oberhofer, I would be pretty excited too.