Arcade Fire’s violinist Sarah Neufeld releases her LP The Ridge on Paper Bag Records. Arcade Fire band mate Jeremy Gara features on percussion. Title track The Ridge opens with rich, syrupy orchestral tones that intensifies to a lilting pizzicato and heavy percussion which gently fades to her sweet falsetto.

Neufeld masterfully meanders between genres using her skills on the violin to full effect. Tracks such as The Glow and Chase the Bright and Burning have a definite pop undercurrent with pop-synths and a dance rhythm while A Long Awaited Scar highlights her classical roots. Her use of ambiguous lyrics and the absence of narrative altogether on some tracks cleverly leads the listener to extract their own meaning.

This album is an intensely thrilling ride from start to finish with Neufeld elegantly telling her story through her instrument, vocal and myriad of unconventional sounds. Neufeld herself summed it up perfectly when she said, “The Ridge is an album about energy, tension, release, joy, and recklessness.”

Along with the album release Neufeld has embarked on a tour of the US.

The Ridge tracklist:

01 “The Ridge”
02 “We’ve Got a Lot”
03 “They All Came Down”
04 “The Glow”
05 “Chase the Bright and Burning”
06 “A Long Awaited Scar”
07 “From Our Animal”
08 “Where the Light Comes In”