Russian producer/singer Kedr Livanskiy releases Sgoraet (translation: Burning Down) her debut single from her soon-to-be released EP. Sgoraet was borne out of a journey of self-discovery for Kedr where she explored her latent affinity with electronic music. Soon Kedr and a group of like-minded individuals established their own DIY label known as John’s Kingdom.  Nothing else at the time in Russia mirrored their passion and creativity so they began throwing their own parties; a fusion of art and music.

The track opens with a kaleidoscope of synths soaring perilously between zenith and nadir. The drum machine comes in unassuming at first then kicks in heavy with the accompaniment of keyboards making way for Kedr’s haunting vocal.

Strong influences of Mazzy Star come through on this track along with echoes of noughties British electronic group Kosheen towards the bridge. Inspired by the cruel Russian winter Sgoraet menacingly captures this sense of vulnerability in an eerie romanticized way.

Sgoraet is out now on 2MR.