A bunch of lads from Cavan Ireland are currently bucking all musical trends and causing a stir in the live music circuit with the own take on rhythm and blues music and packing out venues all over the country, tonight they have sold out The Garage in Glasgow and the crowd is as varied as any I’ve ever seen, ranging from young teenage girls to seasoned rhythm and blues lovers  all there to see what all this fuss is about.

The Strypes are a proper phenomenon. Four boys aged 15 and 17, they are players with chops way beyond their years, the hard-earned result of years spent honing their craft in Irish pubs, hotels and music halls, where they’d often play for up to two and a half hours at a time. “The Irish pub band ethos is play for really long, or you’re no good,” says guitarist Josh. “And sometimes there’d be five people there, and they’d just want to hear play ‘Whiskey In The Jar’,” says drummer Evan. “So we developed a trick to make them pay attention – we play really LOUD!”

The opening act tonight The Shimmer band were I have to say superb!! Loved their set and a band to watch

Strolling on stage with the cockiness and swagger of their much older contemporaries these guys ooze style and confidence reserved to seasoned performers ….they know they’re good!!

Opening with What A Shame from their debut album Snapshot it soon becomes apparent why they are so popular…they are LOUD and very very tight, singer Ross Farrelly equipped with his trademarked Raybans scans the excited crowd while bassist Pete O’Hanlon manically covers the whole stage.

So They Say see’s guitarist Josh McCorley play some superb blues licks and boy he’s the coolest guy on the stage..

They preform a set of about 19 songs at about a million miles an hour that included crowd favourites Blue Collared Jane, Mystery Man, You Cant Judge a Book By Its Cover (loud!!) and an interesting version of The Specials  Concrete Jungle to a crowd that’s literally rammed to the back walls of this fairly big venue, I’m sure they could have sold out the larger ABC but hey small steps and all that!

Ok some say they may not be exactly original and their set does include a lot of covers (including the Ramones Rockaway Beach) but after all they are teenagers but theses guys can play and play well which holds them in good stead with the more mature members of the audience which in turn means they have staying power.. Over all that they are GOOD…BLOODY GOOD!

All images © Stuart Westwood Photography