Back in the day!!!! The Lemonheads were the band that sent me off to my drunken utopia, after a boozy night out on many occasions Evan Dando’s voice guided me into the arms of the Sandman!!

Back in the early 90’s Boston band The Lemonheads led by the excruciatingly good looking Evan Dando were kings of of the catchy pop song and along with the likes of Buffalo Tom they were the band of choice for the stoned generation. Unfortunately Dando descended into a life of drug abuse and The Lemonheads never quite lived up to their potential and faded off the scene.

Tonight Evan Dando returns to Glasgow bringing The Lemonheads with him or a new version of them…

An early start meant that opening act Few Bits played to an almost empty venue which was a real shame as she/they were excellent…even when The Lemonheads sauntered on stage at 8:30pm the punters were still arriving…well I suppose they were the laid back generation. Probably about one third of the total audience missed opening songs ‘Hospital’, ‘Down About It’ and ‘Tenderfoot. Being at a Lemonheads gig is like everybody sitting round a big fire with all yer mates and the cool good looking kid who could sing and play guitar……. A fair chunk of the set was taken up by solo Dando and his guitar rhyming of the songs one after another effortlessly to all his mates- the audience who in turn took it in turn to take on singing duties, all very laid back and ermmm nice.

Crowd favourite and mine ‘It’s a shame About Ray’ saw Evan Dando demonstrate his vocal prowess and show he can still hold the long notes… “My Drug Buddy’ and Smudge cover “The Outdoor Type’ were simply perfect. A massive set came to an end with another crowd favourite “Rudderless’

After a persistent and noisy encore Dando returned to the stage alone to play a couple of his own songs ‘All My Life’ and after what looke like a change of mind ‘Why Do This To Yourself’ before bringing the band back on to finish with the excellent ‘Alison’s Starting To Happen’ and If I Could Talk I’d Tell You’…

An utterly nice and laid back feel made for a great gig…. good to see Evan Dando back looking fit and healthy and still excruciatingly good looking and even better with The Lemonheads.