The Charlatans are true survivors of the Madchester scene in more ways than one, surviving deaths of two of their band mates keyboard player Rob Collins and more recently drummer Jon Brookes normally that would be enough to see off even the strongest, but not these guys….Having just released their brilliant critically acclaimed 12th studio album ‘Modern Nature’ they are now on a pretty much sold out tour to promote it. This is the second night of a two night stint at Glasgow’s famous Barrowland Ballroom (The Barras) and by all accounts the first was a cracker.

Led on stage by bassist Martin Blunt, The Charlatans with new drummer Pete Salisbury the band open with the trippy ‘Forever’ ….Tim Burgess strolls onto stage and the Barras punters start to sway in one massive collective of head cases!, Tim Burgess has a massive grin on his face showing off his pearly whites in the florescent blue light….are they new?

The demonic drones of the opening notes of ‘Weirdo’ is the cue for the bouncy Barras floor to start bouncing as the crowd go nuts…I’ve seen it happen many times but it always amazes me!!.

‘So Oh’ is the first of nine tracks from ‘Modern Nature’ to get an airing and is well received as its been around for a while now… The new album is a pretty laid back piece of work and to be honest when ‘Trouble Understanding’, ‘Talking In Tones’ and ‘Emilie’ are played the atmosphere does go a little flat but this doesn’t in any distract from a great gig where as you would expect the oldies get the loudest reception…’North Country Boy’, ‘Telling Stories’ and a slightly slow ‘The Only One I know’…

The Charlatans finish a fairly lengthy set with ‘Come Home Baby’ from the album and leave in a haze of adoration and grown men screaming for more and more is what they got…’Keep Enough’ opened the encore and seemed to lack the dreamy quality it has on ‘ Modern Nature’ .and was lost on the noisy crowd. ‘Lean In’ was far better…a punchy hard-hitting number. ‘Blackened Blues Eyes’ and the excellent ‘Sproston Green’ concluded the night and ‘The Charlatans’ left their fans happy…once again.

All pix © Stuart Westwood Photography 2015 ….full gallery HERE