Divide Terry into four and you get Al Montfort (UV Race, Total Control, Dick Diver etc.), Amy Hill (Constant Mongrel, School Of Radiant Living), Xanthe Waite (Mick Harvey Band) and Zephyr Pavey (Eastlink, Total Control, Russell Street Bombings).

Inevitably, Terry likes to make a noise. Drums, guitars and all his voices come into play,
making a solid raft for Terry’s melancholic musings to navigate the languid rapids. This all unravels at its own pace, conducting a conversation with the commonplace.

Terry HQ is the band’s debut album on Upset The Rhythm following their two successful 7″ singles released last year. The full length is a collection of 10 of the greatest mishapen glam pop tunes Melbourne, Australia has to offer.

Terry HQ
Upset The Rhythm
July 1, 2016
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1 – Moscow On The Thames
2 – Hot Heads
3 – Alfred
4 – Uncle Greg
5 – Don’t Say Sorry
6 – Bring Me The Bomb
7 – Chitter Chatter
8 – Third War
9 – Uncle Greg 2
10 – Hang Men