Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher took to the stage in the Academy, Dublin on the crest of a wave. The duo better known to their swelling fan base as Royal Blood, are a Brighton based grunge rock two piece. They swelled and exploded onto the scene in early 2012. Royal Blood have risen quickly and are currently selected by BBC’s Sound of Poll in 2014, signed to Warner Brothers and Black Mammoth, among other things.

Even at this early stage in their career, Royal Blood have been critically acclaimed and held the Number One spot in the album charts – though I’m not sure how important either actually are to a band that seem more interested in the music than the trappings that accompany the ‘scene’.

The gig was sold out weeks in advance and theres a good reason why.

Its hard, at times, to believe that this wall of noise, wickedly crafted and coloured, is being created by only two people. Its a moment in time that has to be experienced, lived through, sweated and bumped through to be fully believed. Theres a power and an energy thats conjured on the stage when Thatcher and Kerr let rip.

The audience tend to play a massive part at a Royal Blood gig and Dublin did not disappoint – queue the crowd surfing elite – but that can only happen when music connects with the soul.

Royal Blood have opened a vein in our collective music subconscious.

Setlist included Come On Over, Better Strangers,Little Monster,Loose Change and Out of the Black.

Royal Blood have added additional dates in Glasgow & Dublin on their February/March 2015 tour.

Support was provided by the electric TURBOWOLF who are definitely meant for big things.

The new dates are below – and are on sale now.

February 2014

Mon 23rd Glasgow Barrowland

March 2014

Tues 10th Dublin Olympia