It was a night of extremes and opposites… Glasgow’s loudest band playing a venue that was celebrating its centenary. The Usher Hall in Edinburgh is world renowned for its acoustics which tonight were going to be tested by the loudest band I have ever heard…louder even than Motorhead but with a completely different dynamic. Formed in 1995 Mogwai are probably best described as anti fashion with seven studio albums behind them they have a massive fan base although most people have never heard of them!!  Mogwai are now touring the eight-studio album Rave Tapes with tonight being the last British date before heading to Europe and then to America. An impressive stage setup greeted the crowd as they sauntered in, the Rave Tapes double eye hovered above the stage with hexagon shaped lights over head and a bank of amps and sound generating devices that were designed to blow your socks off …literally. Mogwai like their fans saunter onto stage to open with Heard About You Last Night the excellent opening track  from Rave Tapes and immediately you get the cut of their jib…not exactly a band more like an extreme indie orchestra playing intricate layered compositions with little or no singing. The extremely distorted of Rano Pano assaulted your ears with the equivalent decibel rating of a pneumatic drill. A brief respite from the volume with Take Me Somewhere Nice with the whispered vocal adding to the hypnotic repetitiveness of the keyboard. Mogwai Fear Satin is a masterpiece with the massively distorted guitars playing harmoniously inducing a trance like state to the audience. Mogwai bring proceedings to a close after a well deserved encore with Batcat… a deliciously loud evil tinged composition held together wonderfully by the talents of drummer Martin Bulloch, my ears breath a sigh of relief!!! Mogwai are extremely good at what they do and provide an excellent centenary celebration for an old venue with some 21st century music, a musical journey for the chemical generation.